Video Review: Thomas Wesley, Julia Michaels & Morgan Wallen “Heartless (Version 2)”

Morgan Wallen walks past his girlfriend in his hotel room. He stands by his truck and drinks a beer. Julia Michaels pulls in with her boyfriend and gets out of his truck. She and Michaels glance at one another as they walk back into their hotel rooms.

She leans against the wall while her boyfriend drinks by the door. Her boyfriend gets up as she puts her head on his shoulder as they lie on the bed. He continues to drink as she sits on the end of the bed. She lies on a pillow while he sits up.

Wallen sits next to his girlfriend on the bed. She scrolls on her phone. Michaels’ boyfriend grips his box of Chinese food as he sits on the bed and surfs the channels on television. Wallen paces around the room. He puts his arm around her as she scrolls through her phone. She pushes him with away with her hand. He gets up from the bed and sits in the chair. Her boyfriend stares at her while she throws up her hands as she vents to him.

Wallen and Michaels stand outside on the balcony and smile at one another. He nods at her and she walks back into her hotel room. He also walks back into his. They both pack their suitcases. Their significant others confront them. She puts on her cowboy hat and walks to Wallen’s truck. She gets inside and puts her hand on his shoulder as he drives.

Rating: 3.5/5

Seeing other people was seemed good in theory. Julia Michaels walks to the bathroom and leans against the sink. She looks in the mirror and sees the dark circles under her eyes. She walks back to the bed and watches as her boyfriend changes channels. She mentions that it was her favorite show. He changes the channel as she sits on the pillow. She stands in front of the television and tells him he’s selfish and needs go grow up. He moves his head back and forth to watch the screen.

Morgan Wallen sits closer to his girlfriend and nibbles her ear. She exclaims “eww!” and moves away from him. He puts it his head down and as she says that he’s gross. He asks her what she’s reading on her phone. She side-eyes him and types on her phone. He sits on the chair and stares out the window. It was obvious she wanted nothing to do with anymore. He mentions that he’s going outside even though she didn’t care.

Wallen says to Michaels that the experiment is over. She says she wants to be exclusive. Wallens explains that his girlfriend ignored him. He spent his entire time thinking of her. Michaels says that her boyfriend was cold towards her. Affection was a power move to him. Wallen says neither of see their significant others again. Michaels lets out a sigh of relief. Wallen asks her if she wants to go home. Michaels nods and switches the radio station. Wallen grins as he watches her lean back in her seat and close her eyes.

Director: Brandon Dermer Year: 2020


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