Video Review: Aaron Neville “Everybody Plays The Fool”

A young woman sits a table at a restaurant and looks at her nails. On the sidewalk, Aaron Neville sings on a stack of crates. Neville sits with his wife on their porch steps.

The server asks her if she’s okay. He turns around and sits with her. They talk. He sings into a banana and dances with a plastic palm tree. Neville sits with his 8-year-old daughter.

A mailwoman sits on a bench and pets a cat. A young man carries his mailbox and puts his mail inside. The mailwoman cringes as the rain pours on her. The young man walks with her on the sidewalk. He takes the mail from her.

Sometime in the evening, Neville puts two fingers over his eyes. A second young man dances his lawn.

A third young man watches a second young woman walk by past him as sits by the boxes of fruit. She sits next to him and feeds him. She gazes at him as she slides onto his lap.

The servers bring the young woman a birthday cake and sing to her. The young man throws the mail in the air. She laughs as she lies on top of him on the sidewalk. They sit on the sidewalk and he kisses her. The second young woman dumps lemons on the third young man.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman waits for her carryout box. The steak was wonderful. However, she wished some of her friends were there to celebrate with her. They were busy with their boyfriends and kids. The server asks her if she needs anything. She shakes her head and says just the check. He says he’ll get it. To her surprise, he sits with her. She tells him it’s her birthday. He jokes with her and gets her to laugh. She tells him he made her feel much better.

He returns with the other servers with a birthday cake. Her face turns red as the customers turn around to look at her while the servers sing to her. She thanks the server and invites him to have a piece of cake with her. He says it’s hers. She smiles at him as he waits on other table. It was a kind thing he did for her. It was unfortunate that he had a girlfriend. She heard him talking about her with another customer.

The third young man sits on the sidewalk on his break. A second young woman touches his shoulders and sits on her laps. He chokes down the grapes as she feeds them. He ignores her gaze as she dances in front of him. She was cute but trying too hard. She dumps lemons on him and he tells her to cut it out. She puts her hand over mouth and giggles. He shakes his head and says he’s going to stay over to clean it up. She pouts and says she’s sorry. He tells her to have a good day and picks up the lemons.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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