Video Review: Tove Lo & MC Zaac “Are U Gonna Tell Her?”

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, a young woman walks to the dock. Her boyfriend what’s to know where she was and tells her she’s dressed inappropriately.

At the electric blue lit restaurant, her boyfriend wants to know “where this fucking waiter.” She stares at the second young man cleaning the table in the far corner. He gazes back at her. As he turns, he drops a plate on the floor. While he picks up the broken pieces, he continues to look at her.

He watches her as she walks down the stairs into the stockroom. She stands next to him and they kiss. She digs her nails into his back. They knock over boxes and fall by a table of two sixtysomething men. Tove Lo watches them as she sits on their table. They dance by the tables. She throws him into a table. He breaks the table as Lo and MC Zaac watch. He gets up and dances with her again.

They each shake their butts as they dance on different tables. She joins him and dances behind him. She slides across the table and onto the floor.

They kiss again in the stockroom. As he lays her down on a table,  a flame grows. They catch on fire as they make out. They float over a table and reach for each other. He lands back in the corner and she sits at the table with her boyfriend. They continue to stare at one another.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman looks at her menu while her boyfriend rants about the service at the restaurant. They went came here once a week. He’d rather be miserable than appreciate anything. She turns her head and sees the busboy. The busboy was gorgeous. Goosebumps covered her arms as she stared at him.

The busboy was a good guy. He usually stopped by to say hello to them. He’d see the glare from her boyfriend and walk away. However, she wanted him to stay longer. She imagines herself making out with him in the kitchen. She doubts her boyfriend would even notice she was gone. She wanted to run across the room and take the busboy in her arms and never let him go.

The server brings them their food. She turns her eyes back to her boyfriend and gives him a forced smile. Her eyes dart around the restaurant as she watches him clean the tables. Her boyfriend tells him to quit screwing around and finish her food. She takes a bite and pushes her plate away. He walks up to the cashier to pay. She watches the busboy and thinks she may go to talk to him. Her boyfriend walks back to the table and says it’s time to go. She grabs her purse and gets up. Maybe next time she’ll have a chance to talk to the busboy.

Director: Alaska Year: 2020

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