Video Review: Doja Cat & Tyga “Juicy”

Against a cherry red background, Doja Cat bends down. A plastic cherry covers her butt.

Against a white background, she and two young women, dressed in a cut-out red catsuit with cherries on their heads, dance. She dances by herself against the cherry red background.

Wearing a watermelon rind leotard, she lies on the floor against the white background, her body cut in half. Several watermelons lie scattered around her. She taps her butt as she dances. Watermelons fall from the ceiling and smash on the floor.

Wearing strawberry tights, hunter green boy shorts, and a red crop top, she dances by some fruit. A weigh station hangs near her.

Against the white background, she taps one of the women’s butts. Wearing a yellow bikini, she dances in the center as bananas and peaches spiral around her. Against a banana yellow background, she leans against the Thickie Pops stand and looks at Tyga, who sits on it. He stands next to her and raps. She sits on the stand as two women dance with him.

Against a clear blue background, he stands waist-deep in lemons.

At a lemonade stand, a small Doja Cat and Tyga stand in a pitcher while two people fill it sugar and water. She watches the video on her phone. A young woman stirs the contents in the pitcher.

On her phone, she watches a second young woman file her nails on Tik Tok.

Against a plum background, two young women rub her legs as she wears a cornflower blue bikini.  She walks by herself against the plum background. She dodges some fruit.

Against the banana yellow background, Tyga checks out her butt.

Dressed in the watermelon rind leotard, she kicks up her legs as she lies on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat takes a piece of apple and dips in caramel. She liked apples. However, she wanted to pair it up with something sweeter. It was her weekend treat. During the week, she ate her fruit without anything added to it. She ate whatever she wanted, though. Everything in moderation.

She had tried every diet as a teenager, though. None of them worked for her. She’d lose a pound or two. While walking down the hallway of school, her classmates would make fun of her curves. In the bathroom, she’d take diet pills. She hardly ate anything and beamed as the guys flirted with her in class. But after she stopped taking them, the excess weight returned. However, she started to feel out of breath as she walked to her car. She woke up in the hospital, with her parents standing by her. She was lucky, the doctor told her, that her classmates called 911.

She takes her pills. Her heart was permanently damaged from the diet pills. In two weeks, she had her appointment. She knew what her doctor was going to say. He was going to ask her if she was going to get her ablation. She had been putting it off. However, she knows she’s going to have to eventually schedule it.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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