Video Review: John Mayer “Daughters”

In black-and-white, John Mayer plays his guitar. Hunter green and mauve light covers him. In a split screen, a young woman (Gemma Ward), lit in scarlet, looks to the left. Mayer continues to play in black-and-white on the right.

Her face covers his for a moment and lit in scarlet, she continues to look to the left. In a split screen, Mayer plays his guitar in black-and-white on the left and right.

Lit in lavender, she moves her head to the right. It rotates back to Mayer. To the right, lit in red, the young woman laughs to herself and smiles as she looks down. It returns to Mayer. Mayer throws his head and runs his hand through his hair.

Lit in electric blue, she places her chin on her shoulder. Mayer rubs his face with his hand.

Mayer continues to play in black-and-white on the right. The young woman, lit in scarlet, she looks up. In a split screen, the young woman, lit in electric blue, closes her eyes while Mayer plays his guitar on the right.

Back in black-and-white, he looks down as he finishes playing.

Rating: 3/5

Someday, he’ll be a father. However, it won’t be with the young woman. She had told she missed her period and he freaked out. She asked him to be there for as she took the test. While she took the test, he paced back and forth, biting his hand, hoping it would be false. She walked into the family room and said it was positive. He shook his head and told her he couldn’t handle it. He kissed her goodbye and left her house.

She had gone to her appointment by herself. He stood by the phone, waiting for her call. The phone rings and he rushes to answer it. His girlfriend tells him she’s not pregnant. Mayer rubs his eyes and sighs with her relief. She explains that for a brief moment, she was almost a mother and it hurt her that he didn’t want to be apart of that. He tells her he was just overwhelmed with everything. She says she no longer wants to see him. He says he understands and hangs up the phone.

While pulling into a parking space, he sees her holding hands with her new boyfriend. Her boyfriend lifts up their toddler. She rubs her stomach and smiles at her boyfriend. He stares down at his seat. Three years ago, it could’ve been him. Since dating her, he has gone through multiple girlfriends who broke up with him after a few months or so. However, he was happy for her.

Director: Mario Sorrenti Year: 2004


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