Video Review: Chaka Khan “I Feel For You”

At night, Chaka Khan grips the fence with one hand and taps her foot. A DJ in the alley scratches the record on his turntable. A spotlight shines on a young man dancing. He dances in silhouette. A group of people perform a routine.

A young man moves his arms as though he were a robot and admires as a young woman, in a red dress, dances. Two young men dance.

Khan runs her hands along the fence and smiles as two men take turns performing. The people dance in silhouette. They leave as a second young woman dances solo.

A third young and second young man perform slap each other’s hands and knees as they dance. Three young men wipe their foreheads with a rag in their routine. Khan stands behind the DJ booth and scratches the record while the people dance.

Rating: 3/5

The group of people were really good dancers. Chaka Khan shuffles by the fence and dances to the music. She’d like to go over join them. However, her dance moves are basic. She prefers not to embarrass herself.

The DJ spots her and motions for her to come over. Khan walks over and dances by him. He takes off his headphones and points to his collection in the cabinet. He asks her to pick the next song. She chooses one of her favorite 70s songs. He nods and tells her she made an excellent choice. She snaps her fingers as he puts on the record. He points at the record. She gives him a blank stare. He shows her how to scratch the record. She scratches it and the group of people.

One of the young man calls for her to dance. She shakes her head and says she can’t. He says it’s a big deal. She wants to know if he can teach her some steps. He stands next to her and tells her to watch him. He breaks the down the routine. She laughs as she slaps his shoulder during the hand slap. He says one of the dancers got his cheek one time and it’s a long-running joke between them now. He explains he had a hard time explaining the handprint on his face. The group of dancers cheer as she does the hand clap routine with the young man all way through without any errors.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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