Video Review: Tom Walker “Better Half Of Me”

Tom Walker plays his guitar in a doctor’s office at the Tom Walker Research Centre, located in a secret area. A female doctor reads a monitor while a nurse takes inventory of the serums. Different men, each with a red beard, a heavy coat and hat, play the guitar in the office.

During the first test, which is Tom’s Got Talent, Walker and different men perform on stage. The screen rotates. The judges clap.

Walker and the different men sit with a young woman for the second test, which is Date Night. They sit across from each other at a restaurant. Back on stage, Walker and two of the men sing to the young woman for third test, Love Songs. She rests her head on his shoulder. One of the Walkers puts his arm around her and they walk away.

For the fourth test, Not Just For Christmas, Walker and the different men stand next to each other, separated by some aqua glass. The doctors ask a family to choose the correct Walkers. The 15-year-old young man points to the different man. He smiles and walks away with them while Walker continues to sing.

Two of the different men stand by a garbage truck. One of the men shrugs.

Rating: 2/5

Tom Walker sits in the chair as the doctors type into the computer. The doctor tells him she’s going to put some electrodes on the side of his head. Walker asks how long it’s going to take. The doctor says it’s about 45 minutes. Walker lies down on the exam table. He closes his eyes and listens to her type.

The lights turn on in the exam room and she tells him he can get up now. Walker sits up and grins. He dances in his seat and asks if she sees a difference yet. She grins and says the other doctors will be determine it. Walker pumps his arm at another test. He walks out of the office and kicks up his heels.

He wanted to be a unique person. However, nothing about set him apart. After seeing the family walk away with someone who looked him, he decided he needed a drastic change. The doctors informed him the family liked the person who was funny and laid-back. He wanted to be picked at least once.

At the restaurant, he chowed down on some hamburgers. Several of the men were chubby. He needed to put on some weight. Perhaps people would consider him a teddy bear. A young woman winks at him and he smiles at her. He didn’t know how many more tests he could take. He was started to get headaches and was nauseous a few days a week. The doctors told him to inform them of any side effects immediately. He didn’t want to say anything, though. The personality tests were almost there. He had to try.

Director: Henry Oliver Year: 2019

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