Video Review: Anastacia “Cowboys and Kisses”

A young man sits in an office and turns on the television. On his screen, he watches Anastacia drives her car sometime during the day.

The footage is noted with the agent’s number and that it’s high priority. He pauses the video and looks through of his file folder on Anastacia.

She parks in the lot of the Camarillo Airfield on January 6th (noted on top of the screen). She stands by the hangar. A second young man hits a punching bag. She twists the ring around her finger.

The young man, wearing the identical ring, pauses the footage again. In the hangar, she walks past telephone operators. They type on their computers. She stands by trailer. The telephone operators sing into microphones. She stands on the wing of an airplane. A few men practice fighting. She kicks over a garbage can.

He shuts off the video. She drives at night.

Rating: 2/5

The young man writes in his report that there was no unusual activity. He wasn’t how long he could keep up the facade of not knowing Anastacia, though. She was wearing the ring openly. It seemed as though she was trying to out their secret operation.

Anastacia meets him with on the park bench. She tells him she’s out. She says the trailer was empty. Crossing her arms, she says she no longer trusts his intel. He says maybe someone got to it before them. She questions him, asking “who?” He puts his head down. His boss may be on to them after all. She stands up and says it was nice working with him.

He sends her another mission. While he’s watching her on the mission, FBI agents gathers at his door. They arrest him. He calls out to the television screen and says it’s not him. As he sits in the back of the truck, he thinks of how she double-crossed him. He’ll get his revenge. She’ll have to flee the country in order to feel safe.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 2001

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