Video Review: DaBaby “Bop”

A couple of twentysomething man cross the street. Cars honk on the road. A young woman stands up and gestures for the other cars to move. The lights on the sirens of two police cars flash. Several young men skateboard through the traffic. A second twentysomething man in a suit grins as he walks on the sidewalk.

DaBaby, wearing a Charlotte Hornets Larry Johnson jersey and matching pants, walks up to a group of friends. He sneaks something out of his pockets and gives it to his friend, who hands him money. Two police officers chase him and he runs off.

A group of young men dance on the street while the police chase DaBaby back and forth. A group of twentysomething women walk past the red car and stand behind them. The group of young men disperse and the twentysomething young women perform their routine. DaBaby watches them. A young woman shakes her butt as she does a handstand. DaBaby claps between her legs. She does the split while a second young woman leaps over her. The people clap and talk while DaBaby raps.

DaBaby and the people move and allow the Jabbawockeez dance troupe to perform in the center. DaBaby stands in the center and smiles. A message reads: “To be continued you bitch ass n****. Give us a few days.”

Rating: 5/5

Traffic had been delayed for about a half hour. Some young men pass by and say the person was lucky it was only a fender bender. DaBaby says it’s a bad corner. Accidents happen at least once a week. He mentions to his friends he has his stuff. He and his friends gather by the building. One of his friends sees a police officer and tells them to run.

The police men huff and puff, as they try to catch their breath. DaBaby glances over his shoulder as he hides behind a car. His friend tells them they walked away. He walks to the center of the street. The police men talk with the people in the car accident and write up a report. A group of twentysomething cross the street and watch the group of young men dance. People get out of their cars and watch. DaBaby joins them.

Someone wonders if the Jabbawockeez are going to show up. DaBaby comments he hadn’t seen them in a while. One of his friends say they posted about the accident online. He thinks they are coming. The Jabbowockeez weave through the crowd. The police officers shake their hands. They perform as people cheer them on.

The police officer lets the people off with a warning. He says something is wrong with the light and he’ll let the proper authorities know about it. DaBaby waves at the officers. They tell him to have a good day.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2019

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