Video Review: Lil Nas X & Nas “Rodeo”

Lil Nas X walks over to an electric hunter green lit phone booth and makes a call. He says “hello.” The man asks, “Remember me?” He wants to know what he wants. The man responds that he “wants to play a game.” Lil Nas X tells him, “why don’t you say it to my face?” and hangs up. He screams as he sees a vampire running towards him. The vampire bites him in the shoulder.

Lit in electric blue, he stumbles on the street with bloodshot red eyes. He glances at the window of a young woman. She closes her curtain. Garlic hangs from her porch. A fortysomething woman holds up her cross. He dances in the street and spots a young woman holding her bow and arrow. He catches her arrow.

At the electric hunter green lit Night Rescue, he gets struck by lightning. He glides into the warehouse and sees another vampire munching on Doritos. He picks up a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair sitting on the table. He dances with some vampires. A person’s hand twitches as a female vampire sucks the blood out of them.

Lit in electric blue, Nas stands in an exam room. A young woman dances on other side of him. Lil Nas X stands next to Nas. Nas takes a pill.

Lil Nas X plays the guitar. Nas hangs upside down from the ceiling, his arms crossed against his chest. Several male agents stand by their cars and wait. They shoot at him as he runs by him. He sees two sports car get destroyed and flies into the sky. He hangs upside down

Rating: 2/5

The vampires were finally under control. However, most of the residents of the city had been turned or killed. Agents from the FBI were called in as people disappeared at alarming numbers. Lil Nas X had run into his mom and said it was good to see she was okay. She bared her teeth. He couldn’t stake her, though. It tore him apart. As he sat at home and looked over family photos, he realized he no longer cared.

He started going out past curfew. Agents had offered to take him home. He said he was fine. He called out for the vampires to come get him. He wasn’t afraid. There wasn’t anything left for him at this point. However, as the vampire ran towards him, he knew it was over.

He growls and listens to the couple arguing across the street with his advanced hearing. He could feel their warm blood pumping. Their anger was fresh and raw. They would be a fantastic meal. A young woman stands on the porch with holy water. He stands back and continues to walk on the street. People had learned to protect themselves. Feeling weak from hunger, he walks to the Night Rescue for the vampires. He drinks some blood to tide himself over. Nas, the head vampire, looks him over and says he can stay with him until he learns to hunt. Nas helps him find places to sleep. The agents were outside. However, he wasn’t afraid. They couldn’t hurt him. Nothing could anymore.

Directors: Bradley & Pablo Year: 2020


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