Video Review: Soluna “For All Time”

T, Aurora, America and Jessica get out the car and lean against it while they stand on the driveway. They walk into the house and say hello to their friends. America and T stand in the family room.

America crosses her legs as she sits on the chair in her house.

T sits on a couch in her bedroom.

Aurora and Jessica join America and T in the family room. They sit on chairs while America and T stand by him. They play ping-pong in the backyard. Their boyfriends join them for the next game.

America smiles as her boyfriend sits next to her on the floor. Jessica sits on a couch in her house. T sits against a sky blue background. Jessica, stretched out on the couch, types on her laptop. Her boyfriend films her and she lies down on the couch. Aurora lies on the floor and listens to music on her headphones. She shares her headphones with her boyfriend. America wraps scarves around her boyfriend’s neck and head.

T falls onto the bed as she reads a magazine. Her boyfriend sits on her lap in bed and she strokes his face.

They leave the party. They continue to lean against the car.

Rating: 2/5

Jessica works on her history essay for her class.  Her boyfriend cuddles up beside her. She closes her laptop and says she can work on it later. They make out for an hour. She says she loves him. He says he’s her angel. She leans her head against her chest. She stares at her ringless finger, knowing he’ll her ask her to marry him once they graduate. She already has a dress picked out and has chosen Aurora as her bridesmaid. She checks the real estate listings for their future home. She can’t wait to start her future with him.

America opens the present from her boyfriend on the floor. The card reads: “for my perfect working girl.” She grins as she looks at the scarves in the bag. She had been complaining about how long and cold the walk to her office was. She laughs as she finds a pair of underwear hidden in the bag. He’s such a goof. They just moved in together a month ago and were sleeping together all the time. However, if she gets pregnant, she’ll have to quit her job and stay home with the baby. She really liked where she worked and was doing well. But she had to be a good mommy to her baby. It was a sacrifice she had to make.

T lies on the floor with her boyfriend of 6 months. Her best friends had long-term boyfriends. They talked about marriage as though it were inevitable. She was so far behind them. He says he doesn’t like the song. She switches it until he finds a song he likes. She wasn’t about to go against him. He may not want to go out with her anymore.

Aurora completes the quiz about her boyfriend in the magazine. She scored 100%. He really was a great boyfriend. She circles pictures of the clothes in the magazine. Her boyfriend mentioned he liked them. She wants to wear what he likes. His choices are a bit flashy for her. But it’s no big deal. It’s only a blouse.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 2002

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