Video Review: Beyoncé & Shakira “Beautiful Liar”

Smoke wafts over Beyoncé and Shakira, outlining their faces. Shakira tilts her head. Beyoncé lies on the forest floor. Wearing a black cutout dress, Beyoncé stands on the river at dusk. Shakira dances on the river as the sun rises.

They dance on the white sand while a charcoal curtain sways behind them.

Shakira tilts her head as she stands in between the trees in the forest at night. Beyoncé places her hands on the bark of the trees during the day.

They lie on the floor back-to-back, their heads touching. They dance on the royal blue lit runway. They continue to the routine in the rain as they stand on the river at night.

Rating: 2.5/5

Beyoncé knocks on Shakira’s door. She has to know she exists. Shakira opens the door and asks who she is. Beyoncé crosses her arms against her chest and says she’s her boyfriend’s girlfriend. Shakira gulps and says she’s been wanting to tell her. However, she was afraid of this exact moment. Beyoncé says she wants to talk, nothing more. She knows she’s not her enemy. Shakira lets her inside the house.

Shakira asks her if she wants something to drink. Beyoncé sits on her couch and says she’s fine. Shakira sits next to her. Beyoncé wants to know when it started. Shakira says they began dating about a year and a half ago. Beyoncé  nods and says it makes sense. She says that’s when it started cancelling dates with her and saying he was going out with his friends. He was complaining he didn’t have time to himself.

Shakira puts her head down and says she’s not the type to be the other woman. She doesn’t want to be the person who breaks up a relationship. Beyoncé pats her on the shoulder and says it’s not her fault. She didn’t know. Their relationship was slowly falling apart and she was in denial. Shakira says she knew something was off. However, she ignored the signs. Beyoncé says she was in denial for a long time herself. Shakira shakes her head and says they at least they both know the truth now. Beyoncé says it was difficult for her, though and says she has to go back home. Shakira says she’s glad they talked. Beyoncé tells her to give her a call anytime and they’ll have a girl’s night.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2007

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