Video Review: Nicole Scherzinger “Try With Me”

Nicole Scherzinger, wearing a white dress, walks barefoot in a river in Xillita, Mexico. In the Edward James Surrealist Garden, she plays piano in the river and walks on the wooden steps leading to the waterfall. She sits on top of the steps.

Rose petals fall within the The Bamboa Palace as she sits on it. She leans against a tree in the forest and twirls by the fence. She continues to spin on the Bamboa Palace and walks down the stairs of the structure.

At night, multi-colored lasers line the columns as she spreads out her arms. She dances on the pavement on the bottom of the structure.

Rating: 5/5

Stone dust covers her hands and Nicole Scherzinger makes a wish. In the Edward James Surrealist Garden, it may come true. As she walked in the structure, she expected fairies of various bright colors to visit her and tell her their stories. It was as though she was transported from Earth and entered a portal into a fantastical world.

The sun scalds her feet as she walks in the garden. It must be noon or 3 p.m. She had forgotten what time she had came. Although her phone buzzed, it was an object that didn’t belong in the space. She ignored as she gazes at the flowers. A butterfly lands on her hand and she smiles.

She glances behind her and thinks of where she might be. She whispers to the guide. It was jarring for the guide to explain the route to her in a normal voice. It seemed to disrespectful almost. She weaves though the jungle and finds the exit.

The skin on her arms burn and her shoulders tense up as she searches for her car. The honks of the cars were a shock to her. A young man gestures for her to get out the way and curses at her. She shrinks at the harsh language as she walks to her car. The magic leaves her body as she realizes the monsters never gone away.

Directors: Aaron Platt & Joseph Toman Year: 2011

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