Video Review: Wham! “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)”

George throws a towel on the chair and looks in his mirror. He runs his hand through his hair.  Andrew sits on a chair in his family room and reads the newspaper. Andrew’s mom gives coffee to his dad. They mutter to each other about him. Andrew overhears and blinks back a tear.

George walks on the sidewalk. A thirtysomething man opens the gate of the jewelry store. A twentysomething man cleans the window and mops. A fortysomething man crosses the street. George knocks on Andrew’s door and walks inside his home. Andrew’s parents wag their fingers at him. George points out the window.

They dance on a platform against a white background with Wham! written on the wall. Two female background singers join them.

George talks with Andrew at the streetlamp. A twentysomething woman sits at her desk and types on her typewriter. George points at the fortysomething man.

Andrew’s parents stand by the wall and give a thumbs up.

A band performs in silhouette on the platform. George and Andrew wave. Against the white background, they dance with the band. Some people from the offices walk in and dance.

Rating: 2/5

Andrew, wearing jeans and t-shirt, walks past the telephone. There was no point in sitting next to it and waiting. No one has called him in weeks. He had put in applications to every store and office in town. He sits in the chair and grins at his mom. His mom scowls at him as she gives his dad coffee. He overhears them say he’s mooching off of them and he’s turned into a disappointment. Andrew clears his throat and excuses himself. His parents glare at him.

George cashes his unemployment check at the bank. The teller tells him good luck in his job hunt. George scoffs and says he won’t ever be a 9 to 5 person. He tells her he’s going to treat his friend Andrew to a nice lunch and fun night out. He walks into Andrew’s house and says hello to his parents. His parents glare at him. Andrew tells his parents not to wait up.

Andrew stops George as they walk and says he should get an application. George shrugs and says he can do it sometime during the week. He says he needs to take some time off and enjoy the summer. He says now is the time to pursue his dreams. Andrew says most of his money has gone to food and gas. George shakes his head and says they are going to a four-star restaurant. After drinking some wine, they’ll go to the club and dance. Andrew says he hasn’t done anything fun in awhile. George puts his arm around his shoulder and says that he’s finally getting it.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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