Video Review: Kelly Price “Soul of a Woman”

A record spins on a turntable. The producer moves the controls on the soundboard. Kelly Price snaps her fingers as she stands by the microphone.

A 20-year-old young man falls to the ground. A police officer handcuffs him. His mother taps her husband on the shoulder as she takes his dish and walks to the kitchen. At the police station, he talks to his mom on the phone. She drops the plate on the floor. His 10-year-old turns around and gasps in her chair. He hangs up the phone as his father talks into it.

A message reads on the screen, “years pass…” His mother looks a photo of her son at 10 years old. He leans against the wall of his jail cell. She writes a letter to him. Their daughter, now about 19 years old, hugs her father and waves goodbye to her mom. The father watches videos of his son’s 5th birthday.

Price leans against a tree in a park.

His sister walks with her one of her friends. The guard hands him the letter. He puts it in a box. She gives a gift to a young man in his car. He drops it by the curb as he gets out. A few months later, she argues with the young man on the sidewalk. She points to her pregnant belly and grabs his arm as he walks away. Her mother restrains her as she calls out to him.

At the baby shower, she shows her friends one of the toys a friend gave her to her guests. While her mom talks on the phone, she sees her husband flirt with one of his daughter’s friend’s mothers in the kitchen. The father walks on the sidewalk.

Price sings in church.

He knocks over his mattress and photos in his cell. In the corner of his cell, he sobs. He sits on the bench and reads the letter. On the couch, his mother raises his arm in the air and clutches her chest. His father puts the bouquet of roses down and rushes to her. Her daughter hands her the phone in the hospital. Her son answers the phone in jail. She and her son talk for awhile. She sees the young man walk into the hospital room and she hugs him.

Rating: 5/5

The family was together again. The son, now in his late 40s, carries his suitcase in his house. His sister tells him he still he has his room. He gazes into his room. It was the way he left it before he went to prison. He says he’ll sleep on the couch. His sister’s husband shakes his hand. He sits on the couch and turns on the television. Her sister whispers to her son to bring his gift for his uncle. His nephew runs out of the room and brings him a drawing. He says that it’s him with grandma and grandpa. He chokes back tears and gives his nephew a hug. His sister nudges her son and asks him to get out of his game. They can all play.

Their father walks with his cane into the family room and asks his daughter when they are eating. She tells him soon and says that his son is home. His father asks “who?” His mother walks alongside him and smiles. He tells them not to walk any further. He hugs them both. He helps his mother to the couch. He was worried he might never see his parents ever again. His mother had been in and out of the hospital for the past several years. His father was in a home.

He looks for the camera. His sister hands him her phone and sets the timer. She tells everyone to stand by the fireplace. She smiles at her brother and gestures for him to join the photo.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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