Video Review: Louis Tomlinson “Walls”

Hands in the pockets of his coat, Louis Tomlinson walks up a steep hill in the Moroccan desert in the afternoon. He sits on a chair hanging on a wall. He folds his hands as he stands in front of a glass wall. A door stands in the desert.

A guitarists sits on a chair in the desert and plays. Tomlinson walks to the door and opens it. He lies on the black-and-white circle on the floor as people dance around him. He stands on the red center of the circle. The drummer plays on the red center of the circle.

Lit in electric red, people, wearing masks and blacks, lift up their heads. He walks between the people. He stands behind the curtain.

At night, he watches as the wall burns. In silhouette, his band members wait for him on stage. He and his band perform on a glass platform as the sun sets.

Rating: 3/5

Louis Tomlinson calls his girlfriend from his hotel. He asks her how she’s doing. She answers she’s okay and says she was worried about him. He tells her that he was afraid of death and that he couldn’t stop crying. She asks him where she is. He says he’s in Morocco but he’s coming home. He gives her the details and she say she’ll pick him up.

There wasn’t a reason to hide anymore. While walking in the desert, he felt as though he wouldn’t be able to get to the end. He felt incredibly alone. It was his choice to go to Morocco by himself. He had planned it to forget her. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

He packs his suitcase and orders a plane ticket online. It was time to back home. He’ll return to Morocco again. But he’ll bring his girlfriend with him. They can hike in the desert and visit the palaces. He’ll take her to his favorite restaurant in Marrakech and kiss her on the beach. She’d love Morocco. As far he knew, she had never traveled to the country. He would like to be the first person to take her. He sits in the cab and and looks out the window. He couldn’t get home fast enough.

Director: Charlie Lightening Year: 2020

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