Video Review: Boyz II Men “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday”

Against a black screen, a message reads on screen reads: “This video is dedicated to MC Trouble aka Latasha Rogers. July 30, 1970 – June 4, 1991. We Love You, Boyz II Men, The East West Family, and Motown Records.”

As a blue light flickers on the ceiling, Wanya, Shawn, Nathan and Michael sit by the front door of a home. A Boyz II Men neon sign hangs on it. In black-and-white, they sing by a fence. Some bits of color show up in a tie or jeans. Back in color, they stand in cemetery and listen to the priest during the funeral.

Back in mostly black-and-white, they hang out a by a red car by their apartment building. Wanya grips the fence.

In the home, they watch Sammy Davis, Jr. on a talk show. Nat King Cole sings. Wanya sings under the lightbulb.

Back in black-and-white, Wanya moves the fence and they walk through it. Michael puts the bottle to his lips and then pours the liquor on the sidewalk.

In color, Nathan shakes his head as he stands by the casket. They stand in the family room. It rotates to color as they sing on the sidewalk. Shawn watches footage of the funeral on another screen in the family room. They watch Gilda Radner, Jim Henson and Michael Landon on television. Nathan pours the liquor on the casket. They walk away from the casket.

Rating: 3/5

Wanya leaves the room as Nathan, Michael and Shawn watch television. In the bathroom, he turns on the water and cries. The loss of Nat King Cole still hits him hard. Although he never knew him, he was inspired by his songs. He had hoped to meet him someday and tell him how important how he was to him. But that won’t happen now. Maybe he’ll run into his daughter, Natalie Cole and tell her.

Shawn shakes his head. He says he can’t believe Jim Henson is gone. Nathan talks about his favorite Muppet Show episode. He says he had to skip watching the Muppet Babies over the weekend. It was just too sad. Shawn says he feels like a part of his childhood died.

Michael carries a bottle with him. He knows better not to drink. However, he wants to. It’ll stop the pain. As the bottle touches his lips, he thinks of his friend. He’ll get drunk and forget her for awhile. But it won’t bring her back. He pours the liquor down the drain. He has to deal with his grief. Seeing the in memoriams on award shows, knowing she was even considered, tore him apart. She was someone who didn’t even have a chance to start. She deserved a mention.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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