Video Review: Camila Cabello & DaBaby “My Oh My”

In black-and-white, Camila Cabello stands on the sidewalk and turns around. A fiftysomething man spits on the ground. She also spits on the ground and glares at him as he walks away. A young man restrains her as she laughs. Several fiftysomething men shoot at her. She leans against the wall and picks up a knife. The director of “Damsel in Distress” calls out “cut!” The director snatches the knife away from her and she fights him for it. He takes it from her and she walks off the set.

She stares at her wall of movie posters – Doll Face, We’ll Always Have Havana, The Silent One – as she sits on a chair in her house. She throws off her wig. One of the men tell her “don’t lose your wig, dollface.” She throws up her fists and asks, “why can’t I be a hero?” The men glance at a movie poster for Badass Bob and turn to the writers. The writer exclaims “no way!” Smoke comes out of her head.

She parks her car at the valet and tosses her key. Wearing sunglasses, she walks away from the clerk who asks for her jacket. She sits at the bar. A drink is slid to her and she sips. DaBaby gazes her at he walks into the bar. He says “let’s rattle!” As he drives, she dances on the seat of his car. DaBaby watches as she dances with a second young man at a party. She sees a movie poster for “Helpless Victim” and starts cutting it up with a knife. The band stops playing and watches her. DaBaby frames his hands like a screen and thinks “she’s my bonita!” She raises the knife in the air while a photographer takes a picture.

The Los Angeles Examines features the photo on its front page and asks in its headline “How bad can a good girl get?” She sits in a chair while DaBaby tells the fiftysomething men “time’s up shucksters. She’s coming with me.”  The writer smiles and says “okay!”

In color, DaBaby calls out “action!” Cabello fights off several men with a sword in his movie, “La Bonita Blade.” Her standing with the sword is used for the movie poster.

Rating: 3/5

Camila Cabello smiles at the fourth young man as she explains to a reporter that they have never been so much in love. The reporter asks if there were any wedding plans in the future. The fourth young man grins and says he’s just has to buy the ring. Cabello continues to smile as she tightens her grip. He whispers “ow!” and wrings his hand as they walk into the theater.

The fourth young man sits her down after she comes home from work. He says he’s hearing rumors she’s being difficult. The studio’s thinking of firing her. She shrugs and says “let ’em.” She adds the movie’s horrible. The fourth young man says but it’ll do well. He asks her to marry him. She shakes her head and tells him no.

She walks off the set and calls up DaBaby. She tells him they have to meet right now. She just quit her job. They stare at one another at the bar. Wearing her sunglasses and wrap over her head, she glances from left to right as she gets into his car. She exclaims that she feels so free with him. He takes her to a party with his friends. The people tell her they are big fans. However, a movie poster of hers sets off and she tears apart. The meltdown was filmed and posted everywhere.

It ended her career. Although she didn’t work much anymore, she spent her time with DaBaby and eventually married him. Occasionally, she was in an independent movie. DaBaby promised her he’d make her a star again. He cast her in his first big movie after his first Oscar win. The industry expected it to flop and that he was ruining his life because of her. They were determined to prove everyone wrong.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2020

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