Video Review: Charli XCX “Breaking Up”

Charli XCX listens as her boyfriend, Patrick talks to his parents at dinner. He says, “Mom, Dad, it’s true. Every girl in school wants me right now.” His parents smile as he says, “especially after last Friday’s game.” Charli XCX sits with her elbow on the table, her hand on her chin. He continues to say, “Even Susie Cardulo. She’s the hottest girl in school.” She slurps her drink as he says that Cardulo “is captain of the cheerleading squad. Hottest girl after you, of course.” She drops the glass. Tipping her sunglasses to her nose, she says, “we had a good run, Patrick.”

She and several of friends sit in the back of a limousine and dance. Neon green light shimmers over them. A young woman licks a sucker. She and her friends hang out at the bowling alley. She stands behind the rental shoe counter. Her friends bowl, aiming the ball towards the men standing in the lanes.

An animated maroon ball careens down into the center of a heart. Several young men get out of the way.

She and her friends perform at the bowling alley. Against a black background with red hearts, multiples of Charli XCX sings in a center square. She sits with a ice cream cone by the trophy room. Red hearts form in a young woman’s eyes. She licks some ring pops on her fingers.

Wearing a red dress, she puts a hand on Patrick’s shoulder, as he lies bound and gagged on the floor against a background of palm trees. She drags him down the lane and walks past her friends, popping silver balloons with the lyrics.

Against a mustard yellow background with bowling pins, an animated Charli XCX blows a kiss to Patrick. Patrick turns into a bunny.

Against a background of multi-colored hearts. she rides an giant bunny in a violet square.

A framed photo of Patrick burns against the black background with falling multi-colored hearts. A bowling ball hits pins with a black-and-white photo of Patrick on them. Against a red and black striped background, a pair of blue lips sings.

Rating: 5/5

Charli XCX smirks at Suzie Cardulo as she walks past her. Cardulo rolls her eyes. Charli asks her how Patrick is doing. Cardulo calls her a bitch. Charli shrugs as she walks with her friends. One of her friends turns around and sticks out her tongue at Cardulo. Charli  flips her hair as her friends walk out the back door of the school as the bell rings.

A young man tells her he likes her t-shirt. Charli smiles at him and says he’s so cute. The young man smiles at her. Charli smiles at him and nudges his arm. She says she wants to tell him a secret. He leans over by his desk. She says that he should go to the bar with her friends over the weekend. The young man says he can’t do that. He’ll get in trouble. Charli says she won’t let that happen. The teacher asks her if there’s something she’d like to share with the class. Charli answers that fishnets would go really well the outfit. The teacher warns her to be quiet or that she’ll get detention. Charli purses her lips. She’s barely passing the class. She had no choice but to shut up or else she’ll be stuck at the school forever.

While walking to her next class, Patrick gazes at her at his locker. Cardulo turns her face towards her. Charli laughs to herself. Some of Patrick’s friends had hit on her after they broke up. They told her she was cooler than any cheerleader. She told them she’d think about it. But she didn’t have much time for relationships, though. She and her friends had been performing at local bars and gained a cult following. They were planning on squeaking by, skipping graduation and traveling the world after high school. Calling and checking in with a boyfriend seemed so normal for her. She didn’t want normal anymore.

Director: BRTHR Year: 2014

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