Video Review: KSI & Trippie Redd “Wake Up Call”

In Los Angeles, California, the director performs with the dancers as they practice the routine in the street. The director says, “the inspiration was Austin Powers an I guess he’s British, right? Well, KSI is British. Austin. KSI.” He puts his hands together. A swirly yellow background occurs.

A young woman in wardrobe overhears as she scans a rack as KSI exclaims in his trailer, “Look at me, man!” The young woman tells him, “you look great!” While walking on the sidewalk, he explains to the director that he wants to be himself. In his confessional, the director professes that KSI “loves the outfit.”

KSI stands in the street and watches as the dancers perform the routine. He sits in his chair between takes. The director says, “we are recreating the opening scene of Austin Powers and it’s going to be really groovy.” The director dances to the music.

Trippie Redd walks on the set, smoking his cigarette. He exhales against a background of multi-colored melting clocks and swirling colors. KSI asks the director “if we could just shoot a regular scene?” The director nods and replies, “okay.” Mini Trippi Redd punches a speedbag. KSI sits with Redd as he smokes in a half-finished warehouse set. KSI dances against the background of multi-colored melting clocks and swirling colors.

KSI dances in a boxing ring.

The alarm on KSI’s phone rings while he sleeps in his trailer. A second young woman apologizes for waking him up and says she’s from wardrobe. She puts the outfit over his chest.

Over the credits, the director sits next to him and asks to say the catchphrase. KSI stares ahead. As he talks with director by a storefront, a message reads on screen that “KSI filed a lawsuit against the production company for a quarter million dollars.” Redd talks with Mini Redd. It states that Redd doesn’t remember anything “but he fucks with it.” The director scratches his head. The message reads that he “landed a 3 picture deal with Netflix.” Mini Redd talks with Redd and KSI. The message reads that he “passed out in a cab. No one has heard from him since.”

Rating: 2/5

KSI talks with a client on the phone and explains the advantages of using the company as their vendor. The customer says he’ll talk it over with his supervisor. KSI thanks him and hangs up the phone. He makes a note on his spreadsheet and calls another client. While he leaves a message, he sees a young woman waiting by his desk. The young woman asks him if he’s KSI. He says it’s him. The young woman squeals and says she can’t believe she’s working with him. She says she’s sad that he never released another album. KSI shrugs and says he was tired of the politics in the business. She says she’d rather deal with that than be here.

KSI picks up his video camera. It’s been so long since he’d done a video. He kept them online for his fans. However, he no longer checked his stats or comments. Searching online for a video, he sees people commenting that they still watch and miss him. He turns on the video camera and films a “hello” for them. As he starts to edit, he realizes it’s almost 2 a.m. and that he has to get up for work soon.

He calls into work and posts the video online. He looks at the stats and shrugs. No one actually cared that he was back. Two hours later, his phone was going off. People had shared the video and it had gone viral. He jots done idea for content and decides to put in his two week notice at work.

Director: Nayip Year: 2020

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