Video Review: Janet Jackson “Rock With U”

As the light flickers in the hallway of a club, several people roll around. At the entrance, a door opens. In the white-lit club, the dancers bend and jerk their limbs. Janet Jackson, standing in the corner, bends with them. She joins in the routine. A young woman, wearing a tutu skirt, walks past Jackson and some of the dancers as they continue the routine.

Jackson walks around as the light flickers. She leans against the royal blue wall. She opens to the door to a burnt orange lit room. A second young woman greets Jackson and places her hand on her back as she walks to the corner. She and the dancers perform the routine. The dancers form a circle around her and lean into her. She puts her hand in her hair as she walks back to last the room.

As the light flickers, a young man kisses her as she leans against the royal blue wall. A third young woman takes her hand and pulls into the first room. She continues to dance.

Rating: 2/5

Janet Jackson studies the dancers’ moves as she looks for her friends. They were supposed to be at the club about a half hour ago. She joins in the routine. One of the dancers tells her she’s really good. Some of them start to talk to her. A few of them thought she was chaperoning at first. She explains she hadn’t come out in a long time. At one point, she knew everyone in the club scene. However, some of them have gone. She mentions some names. A second young woman nods and leads her into another room.

Some of the people hug her and ask her where’s she been. She tells them she needed a break. They say missed her and tell her to not to leave again. She says a lot of has happened since they left. Her friends catch her up. A young man kisses her. She stays by the wall, reliving the moment. It was a rush. A third young woman says life’s too short and brings her back to her old friends. She sees the young man and smiles at him. He nods at her. She’ll see him later on. They have the rest of the night. She’ll be back next weekend.

Her friends buy her a drink and ask her if she likes being back. She says it’s as though she never left. She says she didn’t realized how much everyone. She puts her friends’ numbers in her phone and shows them pictures. A group of friends drive her home. They say they’ll pick her up next Friday. She closes the door, takes off her shoes and dances to the kitchen. She could stay up for another couple hours.

Director: Saam Farahmand Year: 2008

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