Video Review: Sam Smith “To Die For”

A twentysomething woman waits outside the To Die For storefront. Her boyfriend walks up to her and hugs her from behind. Sam Smith, as a mannequin head, watches the the couple talk on the sidewalk. A female mannequin head, with red lips and long, curly hair, shifts her gaze from the window. Smith looks up as someone touches the glass. A second couple walks past the store at around 10 p.m. Smith, who has a tiara on their head, closes their eyes while an employee turns them. A third male mannequin, wearing a black mask over its face, glares.

A second twentysomething woman grins as she looks at Smith while walking her dog. Smith blinks as the window cleaners wipe the glass. Smith sighs during a rainstorm. A 10-year-old girl places her hand on the glass. Her mother tells her it’s go. She tells her no three times. Her mother takes her hand while the 10-year-old girl looks at Smith. AS it rains, they watch as a twentysomething man, with a newspaper over his head, walks up to his boyfriend and kisses him.

The lone mannequin in the display, Smith closes their eyes.  A third twentysomething man crashes the glass with a crowbar, twisting Smith’s head on the stand. The third twentysomething takes his head. The glass of the window shatters.

Rating: 5/5

The female mannequin, with red lips, bounces on the stand as it tries to reach the scissors left by the last employee. She had muttered she want to cut her hair off. She had often commented on the men’s crewcuts and said that how she wanted her hair. A second female mannequin says she’s an idiot. No one will buy her. She says people have been looking at her all day and it’s due to her lovely locks. She gushes at her pearls, saying they are gorgeous. Two young women enter the store and bought her at full price.

A male mannequin, wearing a mask, threatens the people who touch the glass. The box he had arrived in had been damaged. Some of the mannequins that had been in the box had recovered. However, he had remained fixated on violence. An employee had marked him down to half price.

Some people had looked at Smith through the window. An employee had placed a tiara on their head. The tiara had brightened their mood and helped to make them feel wanted. Some of the mannequins had giggled. A few male mannequins whispered they wish they could get one. As the employee took the tiara off their head, Smith grinned. However, the window closed. They watched the young woman walk out of the store, wearing the tiara on her head. A sign hangs on the window, stating “going out buisness.” The mannequins clear out one by one. Smith closes their eyes. The doors were locked. They had heard the employees talk about their last day. Some of the final few crashed to the floor. Smith went to sleep as the lights  closed around town.

A third twentysomething man smashes the glass and takes him. Smith knew him. He passed by the store every day and stared at them. The man had walked inside and was unable to pay. The man had glanced at them as he left and Smith had wanted to hit their head through the glass and land on the ground. However, it was the third twentysomething man who couldn’t live without them. The man promises them a tiara and says he’ll pick it up sometime next week. Smith sits on the mantle and watches the man dance.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2020

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