Video Review: Coldplay “Cry Cry Cry”

Gold and silver balloons fly in the air in the Rivoli Ballroom in London, England. A 16-year-old couple walk in together. She smiles as he touches her arm. She sees one of her friends and walks to her. He looks for her and she continues to gaze at him. An 18-year-old young man walks with a clear cup of punch. She talks with her friend and he links his arm with hers. He kisses her hand and swoons. She dances with him.

Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will sing on stage.

As thirtysomethings, the couple continues to dance. The guests join in the routine.

Now both in their 60s, they help each other get up. She touches his face. They hold hands as they step back and forth. He kisses her hand as they dance alone.

Rating: 5/5

The sixtysomething woman’s knees crack as she bends down. Her husband stands with his hand on her back and helps her pull her up. She smiles at him as he gives her the pill she dropped. He takes his pills and hands her a glass of water. She tells him she wants to dance one more time. She knows she won’t be able to much longer. They grab their walkers and head to the car.

He drives her to the community center. She takes his hand and they dance as the band plays. She turns towards him and clutches her side. He tells her not to and walks to her. The staff turn off the lights. He asks for ten minutes. They say they’ll wait. She points to the corner and says that’s where she fell in love with him.

She still remembered. The community had gone through many changes over the years. It was originally a high school. He asked her to a dance in their junior year. Although she liked him, she was shy and avoided him. He wouldn’t let her. He asked her friend if he could “borrow” her for the night. They ended up dancing together throughout the evening.

Their high school was turned into a banquet hall. They celebrated many of their friends’ weddings. She had her baby shower. Their children held their 50th anniversary surprised them with a party. Their children commented not much had changed in the building.  About 10 years ago, it became the community center. She says she has to sit down. He finds her a chair. She says she just needs a moment and closes her eyes. He calls for a doctor. The staff run to them.

Directors: Dakota Johnson & Cory Bailey Year: 2020

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