Video Review: Deborah Cox “Who Do U Love”

Deborah Cox sits with her friends on the couch at her apartment. One of her friends says “we saw your man out last night.” Cox dismisses it, responding “No, you did not.” A second friend tells her, “Yes, Deborah. We did.” Cox explains that her boyfriend was “with Steve and his friends last night.” While her friends continue to say no, she reiterates that they talked the night before. A friend tells her, “don’t get sentimental on us, girl.”

On the balcony, her boyfriend, Flex (Flex Alexander) tells his friends on the sidewalk, “that my my girlfriend is across the street.” A third friend says, “I bet that’s him.” Cox moves the curtain and nods. As they leave, one of her friends tells her “to take those earrings off!” Flex takes the fire escape to the sidewalk and greets his friends. She stands on the balcony of her apartment and calls out to him. He looks up as she asks him, “where were you last night?” Flex answers that “I was chillin'” She asks him again. He asks her, “why you trippin’? She tells him. “forget you.” He says that “I’m sick of it, man!” She walks down the fire escape and continues to talk him. Her friends join her on the sidewalk. They smile as she tosses him his jacket. She and her friends walk on the street.

Her boyfriend and his friends follow behind them on the street. Cox and her friends dance. Flex walks up front to talk her. She tells him off. He puts his arms around her and she pushes him away. A fiftysomething couple watches them argue from their balcony. People stop on the sidewalk to watch. Flex weaves through the group of women as they dance. He approaches Cox and she walks away.

Rating: 3/5

Deborah Cox passes by her ex-boyfriend on the subway. She says nothing to him as she reads her magazine. He stares at her while his girlfriend sits next to him. She glances at his girlfriend. His girlfriend sat with her hands on her lap with a blank expression. She raises her eyebrows and flips the page of her magazine. He continued to stare at her while his girlfriend held her hand as they got off at their stop. She looked up at the stop. He was taking her to the Italian restaurant. She shakes her head.

His girlfriend seemed not to want to know. Her exhaustion was evident. Cox was relieved, though, it wasn’t her. She had made excuses over and over for him when they dated. Her best friends wouldn’t let her get away with it. They called her on it. They had even told her he was dating someone else while with her. She didn’t want to believe it, even though she knew it was true. Her friends were able to get through to her and she left him. Every day, she was glad she wasn’t the current girlfriend. She gets off at her stop and heads to the store.

Cox sees his girlfriend on the way to work on Monday. His girlfriend taps her on the shoulder and asks if she’s Deborah. Cox nods and puts her magazine down. His girlfriend says that she heard she dated Flex at one time and asks if he was faithful. Cox said he cheated on her. His girlfriend bites her lips and apologizes for bothering her. Cox tells her it wasn’t a problem and says she can talk to her anytime. His girlfriend gets off at her stop.

Director: Brett Ratner Year: 1995

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