Video Review: Steve Winwood & Chaka Khan “Higher Love”

Steve Winwood dances while his band plays against a black background.

Against a white background, a young woman with long, curly hair, covers her chest as she dances in her dress. Several young women, wearing red bra tops and skirts, dance against a matching background.

Winwood dances in black-and-white. Back in color, several young women dance in silhouette against the red background as Winwood dances. It rotates to him to him in black-and-white and returns to the red background.

Back in black-and-white, Chaka Khan dances with him. A second young woman dances against a spotted background. The young woman dances on a boat, wearing a long dress. It rotates between color and black-and-white as the young women dance.

A third young woman, with curly blond hair, turns around and sits down, staring. It continues to rotate between black-and-white as the young women, Winwood and Khan dance. In black-and-white, Winwood kisses the young woman on the boat.

Rating: 3/5

Steve Winwood clinks a glass of wine with his girlfriend as they watch a show on their cruise. She whispers that she’s having a wonderful time. Winwood grins and says he’s glad she’s enjoying herself. She leans her head against his shoulder and says she can’t wait to go to the beach tomorrow. He says she’ll like swimming with the dolphins. She smiles at him.

Winwood had taken several of his long-term girlfriends on a cruise with him. However, it was as though he was experiencing it the first time. In his 20s, he and his girlfriend slept together the whole time and broke up not long after. In his late 20s, he and his then-girlfriend barely spoke the entire time. In his 30s, he and his then-current got drunk. Other than pictures, he didn’t even remember what happened. While with his current girlfriend, he was at peace. They enjoyed each other’s company. She understood him.

A young woman flirts with him at the bar. Maybe about 5 years ago, he would’ve made up an excuse and left with the young woman. None of the other past relationships meant much. However, he couldn’t cheat on his current girlfriend. He’d lose her and he couldn’t risk it. He tells her it was nice talking to her and leaves a tip for the bartender. He walks back to his room and kisses his girlfriend, sleeping in bed.

Directors: Peter Kagan & Paula Greif Year: 1986



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