Video Review: The Pussycat Dolls “React”

Nicole, Kimberly, Carmit, Ashley and Jessica stand on a metal platform above a pool in a warehouse.

Wearing a beige, cropped hoodie and nude bra top, Nicole stands by a black and aqua striped background.  Wearing a nude PVC bodysuit, Nicole sits in a pool of water.

Jessica, Ashley and Kimberly stand against a black background and dance.

The shelves of the metal background burn as they dance on the metal platform.

Black light obscures Nicole’s body as she stands against the black and aqua striped background. As the light returns, she winks. Carmit, Ashley, Kimberly and Jessica each take a turn dancing against the background.

Nicole touches her body as she sits in the pool. Water pours on her as she dances.

Wearing nude bikinis, they sit on a chairs and dance by the pool.

Rating: 5/5

Nicole wags her finger at her boyfriend as she sits next to him in the bar. She slurs that she kissed Ashley once and crushed on her for awhile. She mentions she kissed another girl but can’t remember her name. Nicole’s boyfriend puts her arm around her and says it’s time for them to go. Nicole protests that karaoke hasn’t even started yet. Carmit pouts. Kimberly and her husband get up and offer to help. They tell everyone goodbye. They have to relieve the sitter.

Kimberly helps Nicole in the car. Nicole mumbles about the lights. Kimberly says, yes, they are really pretty and snaps her belt. Her boyfriend mouths “thank you” to Kimberly and her husband. They wave to him as he drives off. At home, he carries Nicole to bed and sleeps on the couch. Nicole wakes up sometime during the early morning and vomits. He sits next to her and holds up her hair.

While drinking tea, she asks him if she said anything hurtful last night. He shrugs and says she didn’t. She says Carmit just texted her and wanted to know if they were still together after she said she kissed Ashley and others. He sits next to her and says he’s okay with it. She was drunk and had a life before he met her. He’s not going to take it personally. She throws up her hands and tells him how that doesn’t get him mad. He says it’s ancient history.

She takes her glass to the sink and says she’s going to lie down. He asks if she needs more pillows. She says she’s fine. While she lies down, she listens for the slamming of cabinet doors or grunting. She sighs and shakes her head. Her boyfriend bottles up his feelings. Something she does has to make him angry. It worries her sometimes. She calls out for some water. He returns with a glass. She asks him for some more crackers. He says he’ll right back. She asks him to take her to the bathroom. She doesn’t feel so good. His nostrils flare and she says she’s okay. At least it was something.

Directors: Bradley & Pablo Year: 2020

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