Video Review: Anne-Marie “Birthday”

The clock states it’s 4 p.m.Wearing a pink, strapless gown and white gloves, Anne-Marie blows out a candle over a ring of pancakes. On the table, there is another ring of pancakes and two displays of macaroons. A flute of milk sits next to her. Bubblegum pink and white balloons float behind her.

Her friends run past the rose pink wall on the second floor. Two of her friends dye her hair pink. Bubbles float around as she lifts up her head from the giant sink. She and her friends laugh. Wearing a white dress, she sits on an emerald green couch. Wearing the pink, strapless gown, she walks down the hallway of the mansion and onto the balcony.

She pours syrup on the pancakes. She draws a red heart on the rose pink wall and dances in the family room. In the backyard, she sits on a couch with her friends gathered around her. She kicks up water from the pool and lays on her dress.  The hands on the clock spin. In the back of a limousine, she and her friends clink their glasses as they drink. Her friends drop her off and she says goodbye.

The clock rings at midnight. In her apartment, her friends wait for her with a cake. She opens the door, covering herself with her coat as she walks inside. Her friends shout “surprise!” She blows out the candles on the cake. She pulls one of her friends off her bed. She and her friends dance.

Rating: 2.5/5

It’s Anne-Marie’s birthday month! Some of her friends sent her messages online. Others tell her they are coming over later. She says they’ll make sure they are on the list. Writing down the extra names, she hands it to her maid and says it needs to go to security. A list was started a few years after a group of people saw it online and tried to break in after getting refused by the gate.

In her walk-in closet, she chooses her custom Oscar De La Renta dress for the occasion and reminds herself to send a note to Stella McCartney. The Stella McCartney was going to be sent back. However, McCartney insist she keep it. She decided to have it as her after-party dress and gave away her first choice to her best friend.

After dining on her chestnut cream filled pancakes and finishing her milk imported from Japan, she changes out of her dress and into her robe. She and her friends get their nails and hair done by a stylist. Some friends arrive late and wearing white. The maid turns them away. They call to her but Anne-Marie says they didn’t follow the rules. The waiters hand out champagne to her and her friends. She says it’s time to have fun in the sun.

While at the pool, she talks to some of the young men and flirts with her friend’s boyfriends. One pulls her aside and they make out behind the bushes. She takes a bottle of the ice and drinks until she passes out.

Back at her surprise, she sits with her hand on her chin as her friends sing to her with a homemade cake. She dreads eating it. It’s likely store bought from Dollar Tree with nasty, super-sweet frosting. She feigns a smile as she opens her presents. It was tops bought on clearance from fast fashion stores and costume jewelry from the grocery store. She thanks them and cringes as she puts the presents back in their boxes.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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