Video Review: Az Yet & Peter Cetera “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”

Kenny hugs his girlfriend. Shawn drives the Jeep while Kenny, Marc, Dion and Darryl sit in the back.

They stand in a circle on a gold and white floor and sing into microphones.

They say “hello” to their girlfriends at the restaurant. Marc’s girlfriend stands up and looks for him. Marc makes a phone call at the payphone.

Kenny sings against the ruby red background.

Marc walks by her chair and his girlfriend ignores him. He punches the Fire Exit sign and leaves. They leave the restaurant with their girlfriends. Marc’s girlfriend walks by herself. Marc and his girlfriend each take a walk. Darryl sings in a cornflower blue box.

Marc argues with his girlfriend as they sit on the couch at the lounge with their friends. Marc leaves. Kenny, Shawn, Dion and Darryl dance with their girlfriends while Marc’s girlfriend sits by herself on the couch. Marc sits by her and she throws water in his face. Dion sings in a hunter green box.

Kenny parks on Marc’s girlfriend curb. Marc holds a puppy and gives it to her as she sits on the porch steps. He kisses her as she holds the puppy in her arms. He hugs her in her home.

Rating: 3/5

Marc’s girlfriend grabs the paper towel and shakes her head as Marc plays a video game. She asks him to help with the puppy. Marc puts down the controller and pets the puppy. As she cleans the urine on the carpet, she asks him to take the puppy outside. Marc kisses the puppy and says they are going to go outside to make pee-pee.

Marc’s girlfriend throws the dirty paper towel in the garbage can. She really loved the puppy. However, Marc hardly helped. Whenever he came over, he played with the puppy. She had to tell him multiple times to correct the dog. The dog was supposed to mean he was committed to their relationship. As usual, though, she ended up doing most of the work.

Marc walks back in the house and declares he pooped outside. Marc said when he clapped, their dog wagged his tail. She responds with, “that’s great” and says the dog needs to go to obedience training. He says that’s just a waste of money. She hangs her head and says she’s having a hard time with him listening. It’ll help the dog. Marc hands her the dog and says she’s going to have to pay for it. She says no, they’ll pay half. Marc says he can’t afford it. She says she’s been paying for food and the vet visits. He can for some training classes. “Fine,” he tells her, “if it’ll make you happy.”

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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