Video Review: Kim Carnes “More Love”

Lit in faded gray, Kim Carnes looks over the balcony of the hotel while a young man sits next to her. He hands her a tray of cigarette. She takes one. While he lights it for her, it changes to color. She exhales and tosses the cigarette. It drops on the piano. The pianist searches for it as he plays.

She flips her hair as the young man stands by her. He kisses her arm. She shows him a fork and sings into the fork. He follows her on his knees. She throws the fork and it lands on his shoe. He takes it out of his shoe. She touches a second young man’s chin and he walks with her. The piano fills with smoke. Two young men in white suits dance behind her as she sways. The young man gets up and follows her with a chair.

By the piano, the trumpeter holds onto the pianist’s legs. The chair slides across the room. A man in the suit picks it up and gets his foot caught in it. The pianist kicks the trumpeter. A man in a red suit runs to her with some candy. He bites into them as she continues to dance. She knocks over a man in a white suit. The young man falls on the floor. The two men in the white suits take out their first aid kits.

She sits at the table and drinks as the a man in white suits does backflips. The second man in a white suit uses the fire extinguisher on the piano. She files her nails and sighs as she gets up. The young man smiles as she touches his face. They dance. He falls over the railing as she continues to dance by herself.

Rating: 2.5/5

Kim Carnes picks out a bouquet to send to the hotel. The young man had been a great help to her during her stay. It was a shame he had to die. In her card, she said he was intuitive and he’ll be greatly missed. Her lawyer advised her not to say anything more. He thinks the family may sue the hotel as well as her.

Carnes felt horrible but believed it wasn’t her fault. He hadn’t been paying attention. She had liked him and enjoyed his adoration of her. However, since the accident she downplayed her relationship with him. She had told hotel staff he was simply an acquaintance. He had taken her out on a few dates after his shift. They had fun and she let him kiss her.

As she reads over the card, she realizes she had started writing out her grocery list. She searches for another sympathy word and writes it out again. How silly of her. She thinks the young woman would’ve gotten a good laugh out of it, though.

Director: N/A Year: 1980

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