Video Review: JLS “Everybody In Love”

Aston, Oritsé, Marvin and JB open the door of the door of the Pico House in Los Angeles, California.

They perform on a platform on the first floor while people clap and cheer from the all the floors.

Marvin dances on the balcony. JB stands by his car in the street. Oritsé sits on the steps. Aston sits by a stairwell. Their girlfriends walk into the hotel. A blonde young woman cuddles with her Aston by the stairwell. She puts her hands on his knee as they talk. Marvin tugs at his t-shirt and hugs his girlfriend. JB’s girlfriend calls out “hi” as she walks by his car. She touches his arm and they hug. Oritsé meets his girlfriend on the steps and hugs her.

The platform lights up white as they dance. Their girlfriends dance along as they stand on the first floor balcony.

Rating: 3/5

Aston talks about his girlfriend’s fashion designs. His eyes sparkle as he says he’s going to be with a famous designer. Marvin says his girlfriend aced her business plan for her class. He explains he’s going to help her start her business, according to the plan. He says the professor used her plan as the example. Oritsé says his girlfriend got picked to sing the lead part of a musical for the university’s play. He asks them if they are all going to come to see her. They nod. JB says his girlfriend just got her own apartment and says they are invited to the housewarming party.

Marvin excuses himself and says he has to meet with the web designer. She has gotten so many applications and absolutely needs his help. Marvin listens as his girlfriend answers the next question. The young man explains the various web pages in his book. Marvin asks him about the logo.

Oritsé taps his foot while his girlfriend sings in the family room. She was going to be a star. He hopes an agent sees her in the show and signs her. They could sing together and go on tour. Their wedding would be a media event and they’d have to turn down the reality television offers. It would cheapen their love.

JB paints his girlfriend’s wall. She puts her hand over her mouth as paint splatters on his face. With his brush, he puts some paint on her nose. They fling paint at each other and fall on the floor, laughing. He gets up and says they need really get back to work. She says they should take a break. He puts his brush down and asks her what she wants to do. She says she wants some fresh air. He says he’ll join her outside.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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