Video Review: Tones and I “Never Seen The Rain”

Tones and I stands behind the shoe rental at the bowling alley. A thirtysomething woman sits with her baby on the couch. A twentysomething man walks into an apartment. A second twentysomething man smokes in silhouette as he stands by a rose pink curtain. A second thirtysomething man lies passed out in the chair. A third twentysomething sits in the bathroom. A twentysomething woman fixes an engine at the repair shop.

The thirtysomething tucks her baby in the crib. The second thirtysomething man yells at the thirtysomething man as he passes by him. The twentysomething young woman looks at her boss, who turns around. Tones and I watches as her co-worker talks with her boyfriend. She hands a pair of shoes to a customer. The thirtysomething woman looks out the window. The thirtysomething man washes his hands in the sink and looks at himself in the mirror. The twentysomething man reads over texts from his ex on his phone and notices a framed photo of them on the table.

The twentysomething tells her boss she’s leaving. The thirtysomething woman’s husband walks out with his briefcase as she washes dishes. She breaks a glass and cries by the sink. Tones and I deals with a difficult customer. The twentysomething woman bangs her hands against the steering wheel. Tones and I shoves the shoes off the counter and leaves. The thirtysomething woman realizes it’s raining as she’s cleaning up the glass. She takes a shower and cries. The third twentysomething man opens the door of his house and watches the rain. The twentysomething woman hangs her head while it rains on her as she looks at her engine. She smiles as the sun shines again.

Rating: 4.5/5

The baby claps its hands and laughs. The thirtysomething woman lets the baby touch her finger. She should be thrilled and overwhelmed with joy. But something’s wrong. Her husband tells her it’ll pass. She just needs time. However, she can’t sleep. She doesn’t want to do anything. She only wants to lie down. Seeing the rain, though, was a small comfort. As she takes a shower, she breaks down. Her husband comes home and sees her in the shower, naked and in a fetal position. He calls 911.

The twentysomething woman searches for a co-worker to ask a question. He shrugs and tells her to figure it out on her own. She walks to her boss’ office and says she’s having problems with the engine. He shakes his head and says he should’ve known. He tells her to do what she can. As she struggles with it, she sees her boss talking with her co-workers. She overhears their questions and he answers each one in detail. Once he returns to his office, she tells him she quits. However, as she gets ready to leave, her car won’t start and then it rains. But she knows the issue is with her car. She calls a tow truck and asks them to send it back to her house. She’ll work on it tomorrow.

The second thirtysomething man knows he can quit. His roommate mocks him for not using. However, he fears the man passed out on the chair may be dead. People come and in out of the house all the time. One day he won’t be the person who won’t be alive in the house. While he steps out into the rain, it’s as though it’s dissolving his sins and giving him a new life. He finds a garbage bag and packs some clothes. There was something else that he could go.

Directors: Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly Year: 2019

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