Video Review: Arizona Zervas “Roxanne”

Arizona Zervas rubs his face and shuts off the alarm clock in the hotel room. The news reporter gives the report for August 12. He puts on his shirt and walks out of the hotel. A young woman tips her glasses as she watches him pass by her. He stands in the road and sees his girlfriend across the street. A car runs over him.

He lands back in bed and wakes up on August 12 again. He walks to his motorcycle, He sits with his girlfriend on the couch at a party. His friends dance and drink. At the diner, his girlfriend complains about the food. A server takes the meals from the kitchen. A second young man and second young woman walk into the restaurant with their guns. A sixtysomething woman screams in her booth. They point their guns at Zervas and his girlfriend. The third young woman shoots him.

He wakes up on August 12 for the third time. His girlfriend knocks on the hotel room door. She makes a call on the payphone. He sits in the lounge chair by the pool. He gets up and walks past the people. A fourth young man jumps into the pool. He puts his arm around a fourth young woman. His girlfriend hits with him a bottle and he falls into the pool.

On the fourth August 12, his girlfriend smashes bottles on the wall and throws clothes around the room. He sinks into the bed and smiles as he closes his eyes. She sees him between the narrows walls and shakes her head.

Rating: 1/5

Arizona Zervas checks the time on his phone to be certain. It’s still August 12. He’s been reliving the same day for two months. It’s as though he’s some sort of hell dimension. However, he can’t figure out what he’s doing wrong. He believes it’s his girlfriend. She’s in each scenario and manages to stay alive.

He drives back to the party. It’s the third time he’s been there. He decides to join in the dancing. His girlfriend dances with him and collapses. He shrugs and waits to wake up in his bed. However, some of his friends call an ambulance. Someone tries CPR. The restaurant is usually next. But he ends up in the hospital instead. The doctor tells her she’s going to be okay. In the room, she promises him she’ll quit.

He hits the snooze button on the alarm clock. At 9 a.m., he gets out of bed and sees his girlfriend next to him. He checks the room for any drugs or alcohol. Even his cigarettes were gone. He checks her pulse. She rolls over and asks him what’s he doing. He says he wanted to say good morning. She calls him a cornball and throws a pillow at him.

Director: Nick Jardona Year: 2020

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