Video Review: Irene Cara “Why Me?”

Irene Cara walks in New York City, New York. She performs a dance during an audition. She takes the subway and walks into the building. A man puts a sign on the door “auditions closed.” She crosses out another ad in the newspaper.

She throws the newspaper away as she walks in the park. A young man smokes his cigarette as he watches her. She sits on a statue.

She practices her dance routine at home in her family room. Her boyfriend turns off the record player as she pets the cat on the couch. She puts on the jacket and leaves the house. She continues to go  to auditions. She sits on the bed and pets the cat. She sings into a glass and drops it when her boyfriend opens the door.

Through the window, she sees a server pick up the glass on the floor and put it on his tray inside Loew’s bar.  She orders a drink.The young man sees her in the bar. She puts her arms around her boyfriend as he paints. The people in the bar dance. A second young man buys her a drink and she talks to him. She returns to the bar and the second young man helps her onto the counter. She dances on the counter.

She leans against the barre in her family room of her new apartment and sits with the second young man on the couch.

Rating: 4/5

Irene Cara takes a drink of water and exclaims she’s so tired. Her boyfriend side-eyes her and dips his brush into the paint. She says she improved the second part of it. It may have been why she wasn’t getting past the first round. However, at her last audition, she received a callback and it has to be perfect. Her boyfriend asks her to be quiet. He has to concentrate on his painting. She pets the cat and sits on the couch. He walks over to the record player and turns it off. He tells her she has to take her life seriously and needs to get an actual job. She retorts that he hasn’t sold a painting in months and slams the door as she walks out of the house.

After several weeks of rejections, she walks into a bar after an awful audition. She talks to the bartender about it. He tells her to keep trying. She dances on the floor. A young man approaches her and says he’s run into her several times. She says her dream is to be on Broadway but her boyfriend keeps telling to forget it. He asks her to dance for him. She shakes her head and says maybe her boyfriend is right. She takes out applications out of her purse for various stores in the area.

On their dates, he tells her she should dance again. He puts her on the counter. As she dances, the people cheer. A director sees her and mentions she should go to an audition for his musical. He gives her the information. At the audition, he tells her she’s amazing. She receives several callbacks and stays over her new boyfriend’s house. The director casts her in his musical and in every production afterwards. She and her boyfriend buy an apartment in Manhattan. While in a car, she sees her face with her co-star advertising the revival of a musical. She had made it.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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