Video Review: Lil Baby “Woah”

A group of 10-year-old boys and girls dance in a parking lot at night. Lil Baby dances in the center while dozens of people stand by their cars. He talks to a young woman. A group of three young women discuss what’s going on between the young woman and Lil Baby.

He stands in the parking lot while cars do donuts around him.

The young woman’s boyfriend asks, “what’s going on with all this? So you with him?” She stares at him. He responds, “so you ain’t saying nothing.” The young man’s boyfriend challenges Lil Baby to a race. He tells him, “your car, my car, the bag and if you win, you get her.” Lil Baby wants to see the money.

They swerve and turn in the parking lot.

Lil Baby dances with the kids.

The young woman smiles as she watches Lil Baby win. Some women walk up to Lil Baby’s car and clap. The young woman hugs him. The boyfriend hands Lil Baby his money. He puts his arm around the young woman and leaves.

Rating: 2.5/5

A twentysomething man swears around the group of kids. Lil Baby tells him to watch his language. The twentysomething man says he’s sorry and asks if he’s going to race. Lil Baby says he might. A young woman waves to him. He waves back. The twentysomething man “not to screw around her.” He says he likes her. The twentysomething man says her boyfriend is not someone he wants to mess with. He tells the kids not to do drugs and walks back to his friends.

Lil Baby smiles at the young woman. The young woman blows him a kiss. The little kids say “ewww!” Lil Baby tells them to stop. Lil Baby was prepared to lose his car for her. They’ve been going out on the side for about a month now. He’d like to their relationship official. Her boyfriend was cheating on her, anyhow. It didn’t matter.

During the race, he almost crashed his car. One of his friends had to wave his arms and tell her boyfriend to cut it out. However, her boyfriend wasn’t listening. Her boyfriend rips part of his car as he cuts him off. Lil Baby wasn’t going to let him win.

Lil Baby stops the car, knowing he won. Her boyfriend wasn’t the type to pay up. However, he grins as the young woman walks up to him. She had made her choice. Regardless of the outcome, her relationship with her boyfriend was over. Her boyfriend gives him the money and tells him it was a good race. Lil Baby puts the money in his wallet and kisses the young woman. He tells her he’s going to treat her to a proper date. She puts her head on his shoulder as they walk.

Director: Edgar Esteves Year: 2019


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