Video Review: Samantha Fox “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”

Samantha Fox closes her eyes as she sits at her vanity. A crew member knocks on her dressing room door and she opens them. She walks on the balcony on stage as she listens to the the cheers. People clap and dance as she performs on stage. She meets a young man in the front row.

Photographers take pictures of her in black-and-white. The blue denim of her jacket is the only color added. The young man crawls on stage and dances with her. She crawls on the runway. Walking back to the stage, she pumps her left arm. She swings from a rope in the front rows. During a break, she drinks some water by a fan and throws it over her shoulder. It lands on her drummer. She gasps.

Back on stage, she touches the hands of her people in the front row. She puts her head down after she finishes the song.

Rating: 3.5/5

Samantha Fox changes back into her top and jeans backstage. The drummer asks her what happened on stage with the water. She tells him she didn’t mean it. She thought there was a garbage can nearby. He tells her it’s not a big deal. Her manager taps her on the shoulder and says it was a good show. She says she was really nervous but the crowd was really into it. He tells her she has supportive fans and says she did a good job. She says there were times she couldn’t hear herself, though. He tells her they’ll go over that in rehearsal for the next show. She gets out her checklist and says there’s nothing about the gifts from fans. He says the venue will send them to her if she likes. She nods and says she’d like to keep them.

She sits on the bus and sprawls out on her bed. Up front, she could hear her band members talking. She closes her eyes. A flash of lightning wakes her up. Usually, she can sleep well. However, she was thinking about her next show. She made it through the first one. However, she knows she’s going to have a bad night and she dreads it. She wants every night to be perfect. She gets up from bed and asks her band what they were doing. They say they were playing a game and asks if she wants to play. She sits on the floor and says, “sure. Maybe it’ll help hers sleep.” Her guitarist tells her if she falls asleep during her turn, she forfeits the game. She takes the dice and says it’s a deal.

Her guitarists wakes her up. She asks him what time is it. He says it’s 9 a.m. and they are in the next city. She rubs her eyes and asks who won the game. Her guitarist tells her he did and helps her up. She says she hopes to get an extra nap before the show. The guitarist tells her it’ll get easier. She says she hopes so as she walks to the bathroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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