Video Review: Donna Allen “Serious”

A young man watches a young woman pass by as he leans by the stairs. Two young men greet him and they talk. Donna Allen jerks her arm towards her a framed photo of her and the young man. She puts her hands behind her head and closes her eyes. She picks up the frame and points to him in photo as she dances. She throws the frame on her bed.

The young man dances with his friends. She glares at him as she walks down the steps. He shrugs. She pulls at the young man’s shirt and talks to him. The people shake their heads as they stand and watch. She grabs him and they walk to the basketball court. His friends follow. She shoves him into the fence. He shoves her back. She and her friends dance. A second young man grinds against her, She pushes them away and walks to the other side of the fence. A third young man walks up to her and she leaves with him. His friends shake at his heads at him. He hits the basketball against the fence.

Rating: 3.5/5

Donna Allen puts on her earrings as she stands in front of the mirror. She sees her second husband’s shirt on the floor and counts to 10 to calm herself. It was not worth it to blow up over a shirt. However, it ticked her off. It’s his shirt. She picks up her things and puts them away.

Walking down the stairs, she tells her husband to “please remember to put your clothes in the laundry basket.” Her second husband puts on a tie and says “sure.” She really wanted to go down the stairs and slap his face, saying him that it would make sure he’d remember for the next time. However, she’d have go back to her therapy sessions again, as determined by the judge in her divorce to the third young man. The third young man had shown pictures of his bruises and marks. Her lawyer had tried to handwave it as part of their relationship and that he contributed to it. However, he couldn’t produce any evidence. The third young man brought her ex-boyfriend as a witness. Her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t even look at her. On the stand, he detailed their tumultuous relationship. She told her lawyer she’ll take the punishment, whatever it is.

A few years later, she met her husband at a bar. Most of her friends refused to set up dates for her and the neighborhood knew of her reputation. No one talked to her. He was okay. She liked him but wasn’t in love with him. She missed the third young man. He had been good to her but she took it for granted. Her current husband says he’s going out for a little bit. She nods and knows he’s going to the bar. Whether or not if it leads to her cheating on her, she prefers not to know.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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