Video Review: Olivia Newton-John “Heart Attack”

Shredded white curtains hang from the ceiling of Olivia Newton-John’s bedroom. A teddy bear lies beside her. A glass of water with lemon sits on nightstand. She tosses and turns in bed. Animated silver lightning hits a crystal ball. A dove sits its in cage. She leaves her body and walks to the window. In bed, she clutches her throat.

Newton-John, out of her body, looks into the floor-length mirror. Animated silver lightning strikes it and melts it. An 8-year-old girl stands in the corner. As she walks to her, animated white lightning blinds her. The 8-year-old girl opens a door.

An animated streak of lightning turns into a dove and flies over the mountain. A young man reaches for her at the edge. He disappears as she almost falls off the cliff. Back in the bedroom, she holds the small crystal ball. Animated lightning strikes it and shows the 8 year-old girl inside. She walks to the cage. The dove flies out of the cage and becomes animated as it flies over the mountain. She grips the wooden cage as the 8-year-old girl watches her by the window. The 8-year-old girl carries her teddy bear as she walks to the bed and puts her hand on Newton-John’s forehead.

The crystal ball moves on the sidewalk as as the 8-year-old girl plays hopscotch. Newton-John moves the ice from the clear glass as she lies sleeping in bed. Newton-John wakes up within the glass. She smiles while she sleeps.

Rating: 5/5

Olivia Newton-John feels her neck as she sleeps. She groans and waits for it to be over. Her husband was somewhere downstairs, reading on the sofa. Perhaps he’ll check on her. He’ll know what to do. There was still time.

While in heaven, she sees her unborn baby. She was a cute 8-year-old girl with curly hair. She had been hoping for a girl. She calls out to her but her child doesn’t respond. She was such a playful and happy child. Newton-John wanted to talk to her and tell her about her family. She wanted to ask her name. The 8-year-old waits for her on the mountain. However, Newton-John trusted her. Even if she fell, she knew she was safe.

Newton-John gasps for air. Her husband stands over her, asking if she’s okay. She tells she’s fine and touches her stomach. Someday, she and her unborn baby will meet. Her child wouldn’t let her leave the earth without a fight. She wanted to exist. She tells her husband she wants to try for a baby. Her husband says he’s going to take her to the hospital first. She tells him it’s not necessary. He says he wants some peace of mind. She stands up and places her hand on his chest. She tells him to have faith and lies back on the bed.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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