Video Review: Young Thug, Gunna & Travis Scott “Hot”

Young Thug and Gunna play the trombone as they stand in the football field with the marching band. Young Thug holds the trombone over his shoulder. A young woman shakes her butt in front of the band.

The pen burns as Young Thug writes in his notebook while sitting at the kitchen table in his home. A smoke cloud covers his house. He continues to write while his house is on fire. The sleeve of his coat burns while he sits in his chair.

At the fire station, Gunna eats his sandwich and hears the alarm. He grabs his uniform and slides down the pole. He sits on top of the truck and then drives it. People in the neighborhood run from Young Thug’s home. Travis Scott wanders into the home and dances while he searches for Young Thug. Scott opens the door and rests at the table. A crowd of people watch as the house explodes.

The fire burns in Scott’s eyes as he stands on the football field. The sleeve of Scott’s jacket burns as the band members walk past him. Flames burn on the field as the band marches around Scott.

Young Thug sees the flames in his glasses as he stands with Scott and Gunna. The word “Hot” lights up in flames on the field.

Rating: 0.5/5

The high school marching band dedicates the game to its alums, Young Thug and Travis Scott. Both had been killed in a fire. A colleague of Scott’s said he was a brave man. Neighbors told the news that Young Thug had been cheated out of a long life.

Gunna quit being a firefighter after going to the funerals. The deaths Scott had been too difficult to get past. He should’ve put on his uniform sooner. He should’ve gone inside and rescued Young Thug. It shouldn’t have been Scott. Scott was still a rookie. Gunna, after four years, had seen some fatal fires. However, he was able to reason with himself why it happened. Tragedy was part of the job. But he couldn’t turn it off this time.

His colleagues wish Gunna well on his last day. Gunna, however, drives past the Young Thug’s house. He sees the teddy bears and flowers have gone. He parks his car and says a prayer. A neighbor puts a hand on his shoulder and says there was nothing he could’ve done. Gunna nods and says the guilt won’t go away. The neighbor says he still sees the fire and thinks of Scott and Young Thug. Gunna says he’ll always remember them and walks to his car.

Director: Christian Sutton Year: 2019

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