Video Review: Babyface “When I Can See You”

In black-and-white, Babyface snaps his fingers against an tangerine painted background. He sits at the coffee shop and plays his guitar. Some candle votives burn by his oversized coffee cup on the table.

He sits on the couch and plays. A female server walks by with a tray and gives the people next to him their order. A young man, on the right, flips through a magazine. A young woman, on the left, leans over her chair and listens to him play. He places his hand on his heart.

A young woman cleans the counter as he plays. She puts her hand on her cheek and listens to him while she closes.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman gives Babyface a piece of cake and says it’s on the house. Babyface says he can’t take it. She tells him he can always take it home with home with him. He puts his guitar in the case and says there was pretty big crowd tonight. She cleans off his table and says people are coming in to see him. They ask the servers when he’s usually in. Babyface says he didn’t even notice. She says it’s because he’s so lost in the music. While she sits with him, she asks him about the song he wrote. He says it’s about a girl but he doesn’t want to talk about it. She gets up and says it’s okay. She asks if she’ll see him next Wednesday. He says he’ll probably be here.

Babyface wanted to tell her how hurt he was and that he was afraid of being with her. He was falling for her but he couldn’t him let himself feel it. The song he’d been playing wasn’t about her. However, he had been writing some songs for her at home. He wanted to play each one for her and gauge her reaction. She’d probably thought he was crazy.

The young woman puts the cup down as she hears the words of Babyface’s new song. He mentioned something about a waitress in a cafe. Was it her? She handed the change to the customer and stared at Babyface. He grinned at her while he played. The young woman tells her co-worker she’s going on break and sits next to Babyface as he plays. Babyface leans into her and gazes into her eyes. She puts her arm around him.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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