Video Review: Becky Hill & Shift K3Y “Better Off Without You”

A young man sits in a cafe, looking at his phone. He glances out the window. Becky Hill sits across from him at the table and talks to him. He gulps as she speaks and places his hands on his knees.

She sits on the floor of her apartment, surrounded by boxes. Lit in candy apple red, she dances with her friends at the club. She closes her eyes as she lies in her bathtub. At night, she burns pictures of them into a bucket. She breathes underwater as she lies in her bathtub.

A friend of hers puts on mascara as Hill talks with some others in the bathroom. They walk in the city and sit together at a table at the bar. She tosses a rack of clothes and falls on the bed, laughing with one of her friends. She throws a framed photo of her with her boyfriend on the floor and walks on it.

She gets up from the seat and puts on her jacket as she leaves the cafe.

Rating: 3.5/5

Becky Hill explains to her ex-boyfriend that she’s had some time to be by herself the last few months and she’s okay. She didn’t think she would be but she’s fine. She says she’s hanging out with her friends more. The friends he didn’t like and has actually gone out on a few dates. His face fells. He asks if there’s a chance they could get back together. She tells him no. Maybe about six months ago, she would’v said yes. However, too much has changed. His voice cracks as he says it was nice that she still decided to talk to him. She says she think he deserved to know. She thanks him for the coffee and walks out.

At the club, her friends ask how it went with her ex-boyfriend. She says it was weird seeing him again. All the feelings she had for him were gone. After everything that happened, it gave her some closure. She and her friends say it’s time to dance. She dances them and talks with a young man. She spaces out on his name. He tells her it’s okay. They only met once before at her friend’s party. As he talks with her, she remembered that she liked him but was disappointed she couldn’t act on it. She points to their table and says they should talk there.

She goes out a few dates with the guy. He asks her for a serious relationship. She turns him down. It may be something she might regret later. She’s focused on getting herself established. Getting into another long-term relationship would only derail it.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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