Video Review: Baby Keem “Orange Soda”

A ceiling fan turns in a carmine lit house Baby Keem lights up and holds it to his nose. He stands in the family room while a young woman sits on the couch.

In black-and-white, he smokes in the car with one of his friends. Back in color, several young women walk up to the porch. The lights flash as they walk down the hallway. A second young woman sits with him in the photo booth. The group of women sit together and pose for photos in the booth. He joins them in a few photos.

He sits at the dining table with his hand on his cheek. A third young woman holds her glass of wine over her dish of of spaghetti with meatballs. He holds his wine glass.

At a convenience store, he and his friends play fight with one another. They walk outside and see a group of people wearing dark clothes and goggles. He and his friends join them as graffiti trucks and the brick walls of buildings at night. He and the young women stand in the line-up at the police station.

He waves a friend of his into an office building. Some of the young women stand on the balcony and look at the city. In the parking structure, several people pop wheelies on their bicycles as he stands by the entrance. They sit on the bicycles at the crosswalk at night.

He continues to stand by the building in the center square while he is bordered by the people riding their bicycles. He puts his arm around a third young woman and kisses her by the bridge. At the window of the office building, he puts his arms around two young women.

Rating: 4/5

Baby Keem offers the young woman his cigarette. She reaches her hand to his as she sits on the couch. As she exhales, she asks if anyone else is coming over. He says he invited a few people. She nods and breathes in deeply. Baby Keem answers some texts. She was probably ticked off about other being over his house. He liked her as a friend, though and already told her nothing was going to happen between. But she seemed convinced otherwise.

A group of young women walk into the family room and call out his name. The young woman scowls and says she’s going to get a drink. The second young woman asks her. Baby Keem says for her not to worry. The young woman will get over it. One of the young women puts on music and everyone, including Baby Keem dances.

The third young woman says they out of beer. Baby Keem taps his friend’s arm and says they need to go to the convenience store. The sales clerk eyes them as they play fight at the register. Baby Keem assures the sales clerk it’s all in good fun. He pays for their stuff and tells the sales clerk to have a good night.

One of the young women texts Baby Keem and asks where he is. Baby Keem puts down the spray bottle and says they met up with some graffiti artists and were tagging buildings. The young woman says they are coming. He sees them ride on their bicycles. He introduces them to the graffiti artists. The young women spray some of the buildings. He invites the graffiti artists to hang out with friends. They say they have to get home. He gets on his bicycle and rides with his friends past the river.

Director: Dave Free Year: 2019

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