Video Review: Mandy Moore “So Real”

Mandy Moore, wearing a white shirt and jeans, sits on a blanket in the park. She dances on the grass and picks up dandelions. She throws some dandelions and laughs. As she sits on the blanket, she writes in her journal. The pages disappear and the journal becomes a butterfly. She watches it fly and reaches out her hand. She follows the butterfly to a tree.

The butterfly opens a portal. She steps inside and changes outfits. Wearing an olive green shrug and rose pink ombre dress, she walks on red flowers. She picks up a red flower and sniffs it. She draws red streaks in the air.

Several young men and women pop out from columns of the lavender-tinted building. They dance while she stands on the grass. She walks by the tree and leans against it.

On the blanket, she opens her eyes and shuts her journal.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mandy Moore writes in her journal that she talked to the boy she liked in class and that he walked with her to her locker. He was a junior, like her, and played on the varsity basketball team. She wonders if he’ll be her first real boyfriend. Her parents wanted her to date the boy she went with to Homecoming. However, he was just a friend. Her parents told her to give him a chance. She told him her best friend liked him and he was off-limits anyhow.

On her first date with the boy, she thinks she’d wear her olive green shrug and lavender dress. It was her favorite outfit. She’d think he’d take her to the city and they’ll go the museum. They’d go out a few times and he’ll become her boyfriend. She’ll go to his basketball games and he’ll help her plan field trips for Travel Club.

However, she didn’t want to get her hopes up. She puts her journal in her backpack and walks back home. The boy bumps into her and smiles as he says “hello” to her. She grins and asks him how he’s doing. He says he was hanging out with his friends and asks if she wants to join them. She says sure and walks with him to his friend’s house.

Director: Gregory Dark Year: 2000

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