Video Review: Robin S. “Show Me Love”

Lit in cornflower blue, a young woman walks into a club, wearing a red dress. She claps her hands as she hears Robin S. sing.

Robin S. sings on stage. A young man dances behind her.

A second young man walks into the club. A second young man dances in a cornflower lit room with a painted zig-zag pattern on the wall. The young woman walks to the bathroom and knocks on the door. A twentysomething couple walks out. She looks into the eyes of a third young man while she opens the door.

A third young woman, wearing a red crop top and black leather pants, dances. A third young man, wearing a black mesh shirt and black pants, dances by her. A second young woman, with long, red hair sings along. The young woman leaves the bathroom. A second couple kisses in the corner.

The young woman sits at the bar. The third young man pays for her drink. She laughs at one of his jokes. He touches her cheek. A fourth young man touches her neck. She turns around, breaking her necklace.

Lit in electric blue, she stands in the corner of the club. The third young man walks over to her and kisses her forehead. They leave the club together.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman sits in the bathroom stall and puts her head in her hands. The club was full of couples making out and people out with their friends. She was by herself. Although Robin S. was her favorite singer, she couldn’t enjoy herself. She’d already seen a few guys she slept with kissing other women. They had moved past her. She had hoped one would call her or just say hello. A third young man had appeared to be interested in her. But she wasn’t going let herself get involved.

At the bar, she orders a drink and he pays for it. He says he may be coming on too strong but he wants to let her know how he feels. She says it’s not an issue and mentions some of her exes are here. He asks where they are. She points them out. He makes fun of their hair and dance moves. She laughs and says she really needed it. They continue to talk. She feels a hand on her neck. The third young man tells the fourth young man to leave her alone. She gets up and steps on the pieces of her necklace,

She wanted to be away from everyone. The third young man walks up to her and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s not. He says he’ll take her home. She doesn’t say much on the way home. He says that it’s fine and she can call him later. She says she had a nice night with him and waves goodbye to him as he leaves. It was good to know kind people still existed.

Director: Millicent Shelton Year: 1993

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