Video Review: Usher & Pitbull “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”

Inside a club, a needle stays on the record. The people flash in the ballroom. The DJ puts the needle on the record. Shattered glass lies on the floor. It pieces itself back together and sits on the table. The people dance.

Usher walks up the steps. Lit in copper, he stands in silhouette by the entrance. He swings back and forth. He dances in the center. He slides to a window. Lit in electric blue, he dances in silhouette with two young women.He slides back to the club.

Pitbull sits on a couch with two young women. People dance on the floor with Usher. The sun shines into the club and Usher, the last person in the room, leaves.

Rating: 3/5

Usher wipes the sweat off his face in the bathroom. A young man tells him he’s a really good dancer. He tells him “thanks” He buys himself a drink and sits on the couch with Pitbull. They talk about work. Usher tells him he plans to go a basketball game tomorrow and asks him he wants to go. He has an extra ticket. Pitbull replies he’d love to go. Usher gives him the ticket and tells him he’ll pick him up at about 4:30 p.m. They’ll get dinner beforehand. Pitbull says he wants to eat the new Mediterranean restaurant in the city. Usher says he was thinking of trying it. Pitbull says the restaurant got a good review in the paper.

While Usher dances, Pitbull taps him on the shoulder and tells him he’s going. Usher says he’ll see him tomorrow. Pitbull says it’s getting late and if he needs a ride home. Usher says he’s fine. He plans on staying until closing. Pitbull says he’ll be home.

The bartender shouts “last call.” Usher buys himself one last drink. The bartender reminds him he only has about a half hour. Usher says he’ll be out by them. He could barely move. He had been dancing most of the night. His stomach growls. The bartender smiles and says he worked up an appetite. Usher says he’s going to get breakfast on the way home. He tells the bartender good night and leaves.

Director: Hiro Murai Year: 2010

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