Video Review: Doja Cat “Say So”

In Los Angeles, California, circa 1975, Doja Cat, wearing a rainbow minidress, sits on the floor with her friends.

Wearing a silver, see-through dress, she dances in her backyard, overlooking the hills of the city. 

Back in her home, she eyes the repair man while she walks to get some liquor. She dances by him as he gets out his tools. While he works, she sucks on her straw. Her friends pick out vinyl records on the floor. Another friend fans herself as she sits on a lounge chair. She puts an ice cube on her chest.  As he fixes the turntable, they stare at one another. 

Wearing iridescent dress, she dances against the column in her home. She continues to dance by the window as the sun sets. She bends over at her vanity, shining with golden lights. 

Wearing a butterfly bikini, she and her friends dance by the pool at night.  

In a cut-out silver jumpsuit, she arrives to the club with a lion. The lion roars. She and her friends dance underneath disco ball. The repair man spots her. She puts her finger in her mouth. The repair man dances with her. 

She dances to continue to dance on her patio in her silver, see-through dress.

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat asks the repair man if he’d like a drink. He smiles and says he’s okay. She insists that she can make him a virgin drink. However, she winks, it wouldn’t be as much fun to discover. He laughs and says he’ll have a daiquiri. She tells him, “coming up!” 

She returns with his drink and asks if he listens to music. As he sits by the turntable, he says he has model like the one she has at home. It’s older, though. She says they’re much cheaper now and explains she loves music. She shows him her favorite record. He says he’s never heard of the group. She says he can borrow it and he can give it back to her the next time they see each other. He grins and asks her when that would be. She answers at his house.  He says he’s going to the club tonight. She nods and she’ll bring her album home once she leaves his house. 

At the club, he sees her and starts to dance. She introduces him to her pet lion. His face pales. She says it’s okay to pet him. He taps the lion’s forehead. She ruffles it’s ears and walks it over to the bar. She tells him someone will take him home later. The repair man touches her shoulder and kisses her cheek. She puts her arms around him. The lion roars. The repair man inches away. She says he’s just being territorial. 

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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