Video Review: Harry Styles “Falling”

A drenched Harry Styles breathes hard as sits by the wall of his home. Water falls from the side of his piano.  He plays the piano while he lies on the floor.

Sitting on the piano bench he cups the glass of liquor in his hands. He plays the piano. The water overflows and forms a large puddle on the floor. The door flings open as the water rises. The water reaches his past his shoulders as he continues to play. He looks up as the water covers his neck. His head sinks underwater and he holds his breath. He shouts into the water. Raising his arms, he floats. He struggles to breathe. 

Rating: 3/5

Harry Styles coughs up water as he leans against the wall. His hands bleed from a piece of broken glass from the chandelier. He touches the wall and it creates a hole. The sun shines on him. drying him off. He shields his eyes from the sun and slides to the piano. His legs shaky, he grabs the bench and pulls himself up. He plays a key. It was off-key and discolored. However, it hadn’t been washed away. The paintings may have been blurred, the crystal tarnished, and the roof disintegrated. But the piano was still there. He limps to the front yard and falls to the ground, unconscious. 

Whiskey. He needed whiskey. He wakes up in his torn clothes and looks at the foundation of his house. It was moldy wood and soaked furniture. He stumbles along the street. As far as he was concerned, he was dead. His girlfriend left him for someone else. Whoever he was, it disappeared within her. A young woman gasps and asks him if he needs help. He says “whiskey.” She tells him to stay where he is and walks to the store. 

He needed to sit down. Only for a few minutes, though. He lies on the ground. The young woman hands him the whiskey and he drinks it through a straw. She tells him to not give up. He sits up and takes a deep breath. It was a long walk. The young woman says she’s not letting him go. 

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2020

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