Video Review: Lauryn Hill “Everything Is Everything”

The needle from the turntable skids along a street of New York City, New York. The city rotates on the turntable. The needle casts a shadow on the street as it cuts through the road. A meal turns in a vending machine. A young man looks at the buttons. Lauryn Hill leans against the entrance of a restaurant. She sits at a table and looks out the window.

A second young man talks into a payphone. Hill sees the needle pass by. A large hand touches the sidewalk and two men fall. A fortysomething woman puts change in a washing machine and closes the door. A couple kisses by the park. A third young woman jogs. Hill walks in Central Park. Two 16-year-old young men skateboard by her. Newspapers fly in the air.

A thirtysomething woman bangs the payphone before she hangs it up. Hill crosses the street and walks up the steps of the subway. Some tourists take photos of the needle. She dances on the record.

Rating: 4/5

Lauryn Hill hands the menu back to the server and looks out the window. The server points the needle out as she looks out the window. Hill says that she saw it, too. The server shakes her head and says the companies would do anything for a little promotion. Hill eats her hash browns and waits for the needle to return.

As she walks to the park, she sees people dodging the needle. She ducks down and watches as it grazes a skyscraper. A fortysomething man asks her if she knows where it’s coming from. She shrugs and says she doesn’t know. But she wants to find out. She thinks it may close to Long Island. She walks to the subway.

She reads the newspaper on the subway. The evening edition had begun to speculate about the needle. The articles suggest it may be an experiment. She folds the newspaper in her lap. A fortysomething woman tells her to be careful of that thing in the sky. She nods and says okay.

While making a shortcut through the park, she realizes she’s walking on a record. She dances and waves to the giant human turning it. She watches the city rotates and waits for her block. She jumps onto her street and heads home.

Director: Sanji Year: 1999

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