Video Review: Roddy Ricch “The Box”

At night, Roddy Ricch grips the steering wheel of his sports car while he waits. His opponent, a young man, watches him and rolls his window up. A twentysomething young woman, wearing a black bikini, waves the flag. They race through the streets and alley. Ricch uses the nitrous oxide to give him a boost. The glass smashes.

The scoreboard in the gym shows a tied score. He dunks for the game-winning shot. The cheerleaders and his teammates join him on the floor to celebrate. Confetti falls as he dances. At a bank, he melts the vault. He stands in vault as his two friends fill their bags. Lying on a golden raft, he talks on a cell phone as the sharks swim around him in lavender water. At night, he repels from a burning building and walks on it.

He gambles with his friends in a private room of a club. While the two sports cars crash into each other, he dances on the road. Wearing a suit, he stands by a podium and addresses the press at at the White House. Digging through the dirt, he finds a duffel bag and shakes the money out of it in the middle of the night. A S.W.A.T. enters his home and he sits at the table. He stands on a conveyor belt at a factory.

People observe him as he stands still inside a glass box at a museum.

Rating: 4/5

A young man debates that Roddy Ricch is more than a soldier. His uniform tells part of his story. The box, he explains to his friend, are the assumptions about him. He’s none of those things. His friend states that box is closing in on him, limiting what he can do. She points to the uniform and says he’s expected to follow orders. The young man throws up his hands and says they are going to agree to disagree.

Being a soldier was the only choice for Roddy Ricch. The artist tells a panel he wanted to expand past a painting. Ricch came about as he was reading about poverty and funding being cut off for Medicaid. Ricch is the symbol for a person who dreams but is unable to realize his potential. He says Ricch’s backstory is that he was a talented basketball star who hadn’t been able to get a scholarship. He had to join the military instead. However, he passed away before he could achieve his dream.

The young woman raises her hand and says his work is amazing. He says “thank you.” She asks him if there was real Roddy Ricch. The artist responds, “no.” He continues to say he was formed from a composite of stories. The young woman hands the microphone to the young man. He clears his throat and spouts off about gentrification. The young woman puts her hand on her forehead.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2020

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