Video Review: Tina Arena “Show Me Heaven (European Version)”

Tina Arena opens the door of venue and walks to the stage. She sits at the piano and pushes her jacket off of it. She plays the piano. She points her finger as she sings and rests her hands on the top of the piano.

She dances backstage.

Her background singers join her on stage and sing with her. The crew begins to set up. A young man places the letters on the marquee. She claps her hands as she performs on stage. Her fans sit and listen. They give her a standing ovation. She smiles as she bows.

Rating: 3/5

Tina Arena introduces her background singers and band during the concert. She tells her audience to give them a hand. Muted applause follows. She dances across the stage and says she’s going to end the night on a favorite. She waits for the cheers but the audience continues to sit. She performs the next song.

After the show, she tells her background singers the audience was polite. They seemed afraid to get up and dance. She asks them if she’s boring. Her background singers shake their heads. She smooths out her blouse as she explains she wants to be a professional and provide a family friendly experience. Her background singers agree with her. She says, after she changes, they are going to have a lot of fun.

At the bar, she hits on the bartender after two drinks. Her background singers say they have to get going. They have a long bus ride. She says that makes sense and giggles as she stumbles. They help her to the bus. As they place her in bed, she tells them she had a good time. They tell her to get a good night’s rest. She snores as they close the light.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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