Video Review: Jeremy Jordan “Right Kind of Love”

A group of friends laugh and talk as they walk on the sidewalk. One friend rides his bicycle. Jeremy Jordan sings with his friends at the basketball court. Some young women walk in the city. A young woman holds a clock in her arms. The young women run to the basketball court.

Jordan sings by the underpass. A group of dancers, in white shirts and jeans, perform a routine.

With his jacket around his arms, he makes a three-point shot. The young women watching him dance. A young woman, with short blond hair, dances against a building. He walks backwards in an alley. The young woman walks to him on the basketball court. He pulls his shirt down as he stares at her. She touches his chest.

By the underpass, the young woman bob crotch level while Jordan and the young men stand during the dance routine. The young women slides under the young men’s legs. One of the young women sits with him by some steps of an apartment building. Jordan continues to dance by the underpass.

Rating: 1/5

Jeremy Jordan winks at a young woman during his history class. He whispers loudly for her to turn around. The young woman gives him the side-eye. The teacher tells him to flirt on his own time. Jordan puts a hand on his heart and says he can’t help but express how he feels. His classmates giggle. The young woman turns beet red. The teacher tells him he can find his heart’s desire in the hallway and returns to her lecture.

After class, Jordan tracks the young woman down at her locker. She says she’s heard about him and knows that he uses girls for sex. She says she’s heard him in class talk about the girls he slept with over the weekend. Jordan shakes his head and says he was trying to impress his friends. She slams her locker shut and says she’s not interested. While she walks away, he whispers “bitch.”

In the next class, he tells his friends that the young woman wanted to make out with him in the parking lot and he had to tell her to cut it out. He adds that she’s a psycho. His friends say they don’t believe it. The young woman only has dated one other guy and he wouldn’t say a word about her. Jordan proclaims it’s true.

During lunch, he and a young woman drive to his house and they have sex. He buttons his shirt after they finish and says she has to leaves. She gets dressed and says she needs a ride back to school. He shrugs and says she’ll have to walk. He plans on skipping for the rest of the day. She bites her lip, looks down and asks him to unlock the door. He opens it for her and sighs. She turns to look at him and walks out the door.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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